Google bans Cheetah Mobile from the Play Store for fraud and abusive permissions ┬╗ERdC

Google bans Cheetah Mobile from the Play Store for fraud and abusive permissions ┬╗ERdC

The Google Play Store is the leading Android app store Currently in the market. Has millions of applications surpassing in this section the iOS app store. Nevertheless, Apple's application upload process has been historically more rigorous than the one that Google has implemented. Due to the more permissive policies of the Google Play Store, applications that do not have adequate quality standards are cast. Google for its part remains constantly deleting content that violates their policies or raises concerns about user policy. In a remarkable recent movement, the infamous developer Cheetah Mobile has been banned from the Google Play Store, after a sustained breach of the platform's security policies.

In April of last year, we learned that several popular applications in the Play Store were abusing permissions and committing advertising fraud. These included company applications such as DO Global and Cheetah Mobile. At that time, Google removed those applications from the Play Store and bane to DO Global. However, the bans at that time did not reach out to Cheetah Mobile.

Google has banned Cheetah Mobile and its Play Store applications

Now, Google has removed about 600 applications from the Play Store. It has also banned its developers for Advertising fraud and disruptive mobile ads. Among the developers banned the mentioned Cheetah Mobile is found. After the previous accusations in the developer, Google had removed some of its applications from the Play Store, but allowed the developer to continue offering others from its catalog. However, in the last series of bans, Google has removed all Cheetah Mobile applications from the platform. In addition, the applications they no longer have advertising on Google networks.

GoogleÔÇÖs senior product manager for ad traffic quality, Per Bjorke, said the applications removed They targeted English-speaking users. These come mainly from developers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Bjorke did not reveal the list of specific applications, but mentioned that many of these were about utilities or games.

In a blog post on the subject, Google revealed that it has developed new technologies to protect Android users from applications that offer disruptive ads. More recently, the company implemented a innovative approach based on machine learning to identify applications that show ads out of context. This new approach helped the company look for the 600 applications that have been banned in the last wave.

The direct consequences suffered by Cheetah

Cheetah Mobile on the other hand has suffered the consequences of its ban from the Google Play Store. This has resulted in a 5.9% decrease in the value of its shares on the stock exchange in China. In particular, at this time I could not find developer applications in the Play Store. One of Cheetah's most popular applications is the Piano Tiles game series, and as we can see through this link, it can no longer be found in the store. For those who have their applications installed (something very little recommended for their privacy violation policies) Google ads should no longer appear on them.

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