Create memes quickly and entertainingly with this guide

Create memes quickly and entertainingly with this guide

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If you are a regular social media, then we do not need to explain what a meme is. It is simply a funny picture that is viralize on the web, and usually has a visual element. There are several ways, although most of them have photos adorned with some ingenious text. Do you want to create memes on your own? Well, it's very easy.

There are websites that allow you to quickly customize your own images. You only need to choose a template image, write a text and share it. Now, creating a new meme from scratch is not complicated either.

Step 1: investigate

Know the memes: It is a good practice to see memes that have become viral, especially current ones, since they can give you some idea. Maybe there is a certain topic that is popular right now, for example, or maybe you can check that someone has already worked on your idea in another meme.

The image above, for example, has been reappropriated multiple times.

Stay tuned for trends: As we said, it can give you ideas. Facebook and Twitter are excellent for detecting trends. Take note of what makes you laugh the most, and what gets the most responses. For example, Hillary Clinton's reaction to fireworks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention extended at the time as a wildfire on the Internet. The truth is that grace was not lacking.

two men with a car

game of Thrones It has also been a source of inspiration for many memes lately because, well, who doesn't like it game of Thrones?

Choose a topic with which you are related: If you are not a sports fan, you may have difficulty selling a sports-themed meme. Sympathetic animals are always attractive when you run out of ideas, but if you really want to go further, choose a public figure that everyone can recognize. If you want to use a personal experience, choose one that is easy to relate.

Decide on the medium: The easiest way to use is a photo, but you can also venture with the videos.

Step 2: write your content

Rene your materials: before moving on, this is the moment when you decide if you are going to invent your own things or recycle any that you have found on-line. If you are making a photo meme and want to use existing content, take the appropriate scenes from the videos you want to use. You can also browse the web for images that you would like to use or visit Imgur.

Make it short and simple: Keep in mind that the typical Internet user’s attention span is quite short, so you should make an immediate impression. You need a slogan that uses simple and memorable language.

Find the correct expression: Make sure your images match the feeling you are trying to portray.

Step 3: find the necessary tools

If you are creating a photo meme, it will be convenient to use the Photoshop or Pixlr Editor, a free image editor that offers similar functionality. You can also search for memes generation sites like Imgur, which allow you to upload your own photos to use later as a background. Finally, you can install photo apps directly on your phone that allow you to add some text later. If you are creating a video meme, the easiest applications and sites are Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

Step 4: create

Once you have your photo it doesn't matter if you took it, you captured it on the screen or found it on-line You can use any of these sites:

Imgur Meme Generator (web based)

When you get to this memes generator, click on Load new fund On the right side. Then, drag your images to the box at the top of the pop-up window, or paste an image or URL into the text box located directly below the button Examine. Once this is done, Imgur automatically uploads your image and takes you to the creation page.

When your photo is ready, it will appear on the Imgur edition page, where you can write the accompanying text. You have several options here, such as moving the text and changing its size. You can also choose to send it to the Imgur public library.