Apple ide and manufacture the first iPod in just 10 months

Apple ide and manufacture the first iPod in just 10 months

As a general rule, the latest generation smartphones usually take between the idea and the manufacture of the first models around 18 months. This varies in each company and depends on whether it is an update or based on another model. But what happens when it comes to the first device in its class. According to the father of the iPod, Tony Fadell, Apple ide and put on sale the first iPod in history in just 10 months.

Fadell is considered one of the parents of the iPod for being responsible for the project within Apple, which was hired especially for this project. It didn't come from nowhere, it was responsible for Philips mobile products in a time where the most mobile thing there was was a PDA.

Asked Patrick Collison, creator of the Stripe payment gateway, for a series of articles on products that were created very quickly, Fadell confirmed the timeline of the first iPod which began in January 2001 and was released to the public in November of the same year .

The iPod worth $ 90,000

The first iPod went from idea to real product in less than a year and then changed the world of music

The Apple management team that led the creation of the iPhone also did the iPod. In this photo, from left to right: Philip Schiller, Tony Fadell, Jonathan Ive, Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, and Eddy Cue.

It must be one of the fastest releases in the history of technology, at least if we consider that it was a piece of hardware and that Apple had no experience in manufacturing portable devices such as the iPod, the music player that I changed the world of music.

According to Fadell, this was the timeline of how the first iPod was born without anyone at Apple having any idea how to design or manufacture one, there was only a general idea about what they wanted to do.

January 2001

  • First week: Apple's first call
  • Third week: first meeting with Apple
  • Fourth week: he becomes a project consultant known internally as P68 Dulcimer. There were no prototypes, equipment or design

March 2001

  • Third week: presentation of the project to Steve Jobs, he accepts it at the end of the meeting

April 2001

  • Second week: becomes a full-time employee at Apple
  • Third week: you must find a manufacturer somewhere in Taiwn, Hong Kong or South Korea

May 2001

  • Second week: hire the first employee of the iPod equipment

October 2001

  • Fourth week: the iPod is announced to the world by Steve Jobs

November 2001

  • The first iPod models are on sale

The last iPod announced by Apple was the seventh-generation iPod touch launched in 2019 and that in Clipset we could already try. Does an iPod touch make sense in 2020? Surely not, but it is a product that marked a before and after

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