ifixit reparar iPhone 11

Apple go to your house to repair your iPhone if you live in one of these cities

ifixit repair iPhone 11

Your Apple device has been broken but you don't have time to take it to fix? Nothing happens, now Apple can help you without having to approach one of its stores. Segn has discovered MacRumors, Apple has begun offering an "on-site" repair service through which it is their technicians who move to your office or home to fix your iPhone, your iPad or any of your other Apple devices that are broken.

This is a service that Amazon already offers for Apple users, however quin better than Apple to do so. The repair is offered from Apple's own website through the authorized Apple Go Tech Services service provider, which promises repair your device "in your home or office".

Repair your iPhone without leaving home

Apple already offers this type of repairs "in situ" for professional users and companies, however it is something completely new for the rest. So far we can either approach an Apple Store or authorized technical service and schedule an appointment, or send our device by mail for repair.

Apple now also offers an option to repair in your home or office in certain cities For those who need to fix their Apple devices but cannot visit a repair shop or an Apple store. These are the cities where it is currently available, only in the US for now:

  • San Francisco
  • The angels
  • NY
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Dallas

repair iPhone at home

When selecting this type of repairs, it is noted that a visit fee may be charged in addition to the standard repair cost of the Go Tech Services provider. It also redirects you directly to the authorized Apple service website so that select a date, time and place for a technician to come to repair your device.

Despite being an external service of Apple, when offered through its website has full warranty of the company, as if you were making the repair in an Apple Store. It is certainly a very interesting option for those who do not have time to approach an Apple Store or authorized service, hopefully it will reach more passes soon.