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Android 11 allow to program the dark mode

Android dark mode

One of the main novelties that came from the hand of Android 10 has been the dark mode, a mode that finally allows you to take advantage of OLED screens, yes, for now this option it can only be activated and deactivated manually incomprehensibly and without any logic.

The dark mode is already available through other manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei, which can be activated and deactivated by setting a specific schedule. Although in Android 10 it is possible to set a schedule, you have to resort to other methods that require connecting the device to a computer.

With Android 11 that will change and Users can configure the operation of the dark mode at will, establishing a specific schedule. In the Google Issue Tracker, one of the threads called Night mode programming in Android Q, has been marked as corrected by a Googler, which has also added the comment “The problem reported here has been corrected and will be available in a future version of Android "

It is noteworthy that now this problem is checked, since during the first betas, if a button was present that allowed to program the operation in this dark way. As the company said when this function disappeared, when changing the themes, applications have to redesign their interfaces, which can cause them to lose their position of movement and even the text introduced in some cases.

In addition, he also stated that the Reliable detection of sunrise and sunset is complicated. None of the two excuses that Google argued to eliminate this function are believed by anyone. The only change in the interface is the background color of the application and the letters shown. Regarding the time to detect the sunrise and sunset is complicated … no comments.