IPadizate app of the day: Dropbox

IPadizate app of the day: Dropbox

Dropbox, all your photos, videos and documents wherever and whenever you want

Currently, anyone has a digital camera or mobile phone that can take high quality photographs or videos. And it is true that many times we take photos or videos, or create documents with our devices that are then forgotten, we store them in the phone's memory and we don't remember them again, being a real shame since many of those files are really worth keeping.

With Dropbox for iPad and iPhone that problem is going to end, now we can have the new version of the well-known online multiplatform file storage program on our mobile devices. Make, save and rescue any photo, video or document with any device anywhere with Dropbox for iPad and iPhone. A real luxury in these times when a picture is worth even more than a thousand words.

New Dropbox: easier, faster and with new design

Dropbox allows users to store and synchronize files of all kinds in the cloud and between devices and subsequently have these photos, videos or documents anywhere. You can access any file you save in Dropbox from your computers, your iPhone, your iPad or from the Dropbox website itself. It doesn't matter where you are, if the photo or document is stored in Dropbox you can have it wherever you go.

The program is very simple, take pictures with your devices and according to the settings you set will be automatically saved in Dropbox, choose the ones you like most from the photo library, or activate the option to upload them directly from the camera. Save your documents, or videos in the same way as you photograph them. You have up to 2GB of totally free storage, having the possibility of getting more space in different ways (inviting friends, taking advantage of promotions that they do from time to time, etc …). You can expand the capacity up to 100GB, but here you will have to scratch your pocket.

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When uploading the photos to Dropbox you will be uploading them to a hard disk in the cloud, being able to dispose of them anywhere. These files will be available in the application on any device, but if you want to share them or send them to someone You can publish your photos, videos or documents on social networks or send a link by email. Everything from the application itself. Your files will be safe if something happens to your device. All your files by hand quickly and without taking up memory on the phone. An advantage when taking advantage of space for other applications.

Dropbox has an improved design compared to its previous version, simple and elegant, very much in line with iOS 7, you have the option to change the mode of the files to the screen completely just by touching them. You will have a greater facility to share and export files with anyone, whether or not you are a Dropbox user.

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You can not miss this practical application. You can download it for free from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Available for storage on a virtual hard disk completely free to save your favorite files, all your photos, documents and videos, being able to dispose of them from any device.

Download Dropbox, for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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