Folding phones will break, but it's not as bad as you think

Folding phones will break, but it's not as bad as you think

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Folding smartphones have unleashed great controversy from the first moment we began to hear from them. And after all the problems that arose with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, There were many doubts that were generated in this regard.

However, folding phones cannot be condemned from good to first. Since, although everything indicates that they are fragile and very prone to break, that It's not as bad as you think and in this article we explain why. So you can't miss it.

Folding phones have a short, but stormy history

galaxy fold vs moto razr

The short history of folding phones has not been very encouraging so far. When the Samsung Galaxy Fold was first launched, it had to be quickly removed after many durability problems were discovered in its construction. Then it was launched again and it seemed that it will have better results. But when a test was done to measure its durability, it was discovered that it was far below what Samsung had claimed.

More recently, it seems that Motorola's Razr had the same fate. And it is that a test of recent durability discovered that the phone only supports 27000 folds before it broke and no longer returned to its original form. Given all this, it seems absurd that people pay more than 1500 euros for devices that apparently have A shorter life than a conventional smartphone. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not as bad as most people think.

Is it normal what is happening with folding phones?

moto razr hinge test

To tell the truth, the mistakes with the folding smartphones are not as serious as they are seen with the naked eye. First, we must understand that folding screens remain a relatively new technology And as with any piece of new technology, there are problems that must be solved. The best way to do this is by throwing them into the ring to be used in real life, beyond a laboratory.

Second, these phones are clearly not designed for the average consumer. At these prices, it is clear that companies such as Samsung, Huawei or Motorola are trying to woo the first users who are willing to take a risk, and we will not be surprised if the profit margins with these devices were not very high. Thirdly, it is simply pure physics, because If you bend something several times, lose your integrity and will inevitably break.

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As we see, it will not be fair to be so ruthless with companies when evaluating these smartphones. If the foldable phones had existed for 5 years and still faced with this kind of durability problems, then It may make sense to complain. But, Why not give devices that have been on the market a chance for less than a year?

So we'll see how long it takes for companies to correct all the failures of folding phones. Without a doubt, this depends on your success or failure.