They test the Motorola Razr's flexible screen with a bender robot

They test the Motorola Razr's flexible screen with a bender robot

Bender folding folding smartphone

The new one arrives in stores on February 10 Motorola RAZR. A device that, in addition to hide a retro moderecently let see you enter it, its hinge and its screen in a video. Some lucky people already have the terminal in their hands, and have put tested the flexible screen of the Motorola Razr with a robot bender, and the result will not surprise you.

From CNET they have decided to test the Motorola Razr flexible screen using a robot bender and to find out if the phone could resist being folded 100,000. A test that the same medium already made with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which in your case aguant 119,380 folded before starting to show faults on the screen, such as a horizontal line of dead pixels or setbacks in the hinge.

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First of all, the media confirms that the Motorola Razr used in this test bought it themselves, so it is not a cessation product. The goal was to reach 100,000 folds, but at the beginning of the test they realized that FoldBot, the robot provided by SquareTrade, had trouble closing the folding phone all the time due to the terminal hinge, which was very rigid and resistant to being completely closed. After a few years they tried the test again, but the machine could not bend the device.

With about 27,000 folds some anomalies began to appear on the hinge

SquareTrade ended up modifying the FoldBot, initially designed to fold the Samsung Galaxy Fold, to accommodate the Motorola Razr. With some 27,000 folds some anomalies began to appear In the area of ​​the hinge and the bot, I could no longer fold the new Motorola shell phone, which has a price of 1,599 euros. An event that forces the CNET team to suspend the test.

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The Motorola RAZR It is a revolution of the unique folding phone that marked a whole generation and has been part of pop culture. In addition, the company's new smartphone becomes the first mobile phone with shell format that has a flexible screen that folds completely.