OnePlus One sufre una subida de precio en Europa

OnePlus One suffers a price increase in Europe

OnePlus One suffers a price increase in Europe

The OnePlus One It was that terminal that revolutionized the market a few years ago. This was because Its characteristics were those of a top-of-the-range terminal but sold for a much more moderate price. While the last terminals of the Samsung Galaxy series are around 700 euros when they go on the market, the OnePlus One can be found for 269 euros in its most economical version, until now.

We all see daily how the economic crisis is affecting us in our daily lives, but we have also popularized more technical words like ÔÇťrisk premium"Or"types of interest". Before this crisis, many, including myself, did not know what these terms meant, even though they affect us much more than we imagine in our daily lives. Today we will focus on the types of interest, which mark the price of money.

The types of interest The euro has progressively dropped to its current low. This makes the euro much weaker than it was a year ago, which translates into a rise in the price of imported products to Europe; since the profit margin for manufacturers has been reduced considerably. OnePlus explains it with the following graph.

OnePlus One suffers a price increase in Europe

BQ already raised a few weeks ago the price of its products by about 15 euros, but Now it is OnePlus who is going to make a price increase for this reason. The increase is much greater than that of BQ, since the price of the OnePlus One of 16 GB increases by 30 euros and that of 64 GB at 50 euros. These will be the final prices:

  • OnePlus One 16 GB: 299 euros (before 269 euros) +30 euros.
  • OnePlus One 64GB: 349 euros (before 299 euros) +50 euros.

This price increase will occur next Wednesday March 25, so thatYou can still buy them for the price before News. In this way OnePlus breaches the promise that it made a few years ago of not exceeding the price of 300 euros in any of its terminals, although the brand greatly regrets this price increase.

On the other hand, official smartphone accessories will not suffer any price increase. Although if the dollar manages to exceed the euro in terms of value, this tendency to rise in prices will be accused in a very marked way.