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New design for Google Photos, now with ms Material Design

All will have to go through the hoop for more than the drip of updates is slow, but none will escape: Google Apps are in the process of adapt to the subject of Material Design that the company developed for its applications. And the last to integrate the new style is Google Photos: the app is updated to version 4 significantly changing its style.

There are no changes at the level of functionalities nor do we observe any novelty in menus, but it can be seen at a glance that the task of remodeling was profound. As usual, the update is in the process of expanding to all Android phones; although you can get ahead with the relevant Apk file.

Google Photos changes its appearance to integrate into the uniformity of Google Apps

New design for Google Photos, now with more Material Design

Left, old Google Photos; right, Google Photos with the new design

It was very strange that Google itself, the company behind Android and the design that sought to give uniformity to the applications, did not follow its own rules leaving each application with a particular style. This changes with Theming material, the new Material Design review: all apps will adapt the new design. Clearer, cleaner, with simple icons and able to explain its function with a glance.

New design for Google Photos, now with more Material Design

Google Photos in version 4 Receive the Google theme to optimize its appearance to the last corner. Well, there are no corners: the cards have been rounded, just like the search bar. There is also a profound change in the lower menu: the icons are even more minimalist.

The side menu has also been revamped, just like the wizard tab: new top icons and rounded corners for the cards. The refurbishing even comes to the photo editing window: redesigned lower icons and filters with rounded corners.

New design for Google Photos, now with more Material Design

The Google's new Material Theming design It is now available in Google Photos with the update to version 4. It should be propagated in the next few days, but you can speed up the process by manually installing the Apk file from Apk Mirror. The sensation that the app gives is of greater consistency and simplicity, something that is appreciated in the use.