What does the Galaxy S20 record in 8K? We explain

What does the Galaxy S20 record in 8K? We explain

One of the novelties of the new family of Samsung star phones, made up of the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, is its recording in 8K. We must take into account as a context that this resolution has not massively reached the market in the television segment.

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What implications does this smart phone have with this specification? Benefit users who are going to acquire the Galaxy S20? This article seeks to clear these and other doubts.

In simple terms, it can be said that 8K is four times more than 4K in terms of pixels, so it is not about space-consuming content. In fact, according to Samsung, 60 seconds of recording in 8K require about 600 MB of the Galaxy S20. It is known that 1 GB is equal to 1024 MB.

In its 5G versions (there are also LTE versions for the territories where the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies are not yet available), the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra have a base storage of 128 GB, which translates in about 218 minutes of recording in 8K.

It does not mean that it is possible to record all this time uninterruptedly. A report of SamMobile, half specialized in rumors and launches of Samsung, says that the maximum time is five minutes (only 24 frames per second).

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It is true that users can add microSD cards of up to 1 TB to their new Galaxy S, which expands the chances of having more minutes in 8K. The question that arises is where to visualize this type of clips in its maximum detail.

Obviously, Samsung advises that once you have videos with this quality, they are displayed on your QLED 8K TVs, whose prices, in general, are not accessible. Its 2020 line, presented at the last edition of CES, is one of the first in the industry that supports the reproduction of native 8K content, the company said at the time.

In this sense, in the presentation of the new Galaxy S20, the South Korean firm emphasized the association that it managed to do with YouTube, so that users can upload their 8K videos directly to the renowned Google platform. Clearly in this process it is essential to have the 5G network, which is not available in all territories where the 4G network is already a norm.

The company also encourages the use of 8K in the smartphones with the fact that users have the option to take 33 megapixel still images, in high resolution, directly from the clips in this resolution.

Really, it is necessary to thoroughly test the video quality in 8K offered by the Galaxy S20 series to give a deeper analysis. For now, there seems to be more than one implication.

It could be said that Samsung has already taken the first steps so that the user can generate their own 8K content, but the conditions are not yet given to have an optimal viewing experience in this resolution. It will be necessary to be patient so that this technology extends a little more.

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