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We show you what are the best PDF file editors

Most users have faced the need to edit a PDF document. Although it seems simple, it can become a difficult and cumbersome task if you don't have the right tools. You need a good program to modify or add information, save changes and send the document by email or print it. Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, the first step is usually the most complicated. To save you time, we tell you what are the best PDF file editors you can get today.

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The best

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

best PDF file editors

Adobe first introduced the PDF format over 20 years ago and today Acrobat Pro DC is the industry standard when editing PDF files.

It is also one of the few programs premium available for Windows and Mac. It has a dedicated mobile function and the ability to convert PDF files into several HTML pages, in addition to a Word, Excel and PowerPoint document.

The software instantly converts and saves scanned documents into PDF, and even has the ability to combine multiple documents, spreadsheets, web pages and the like into a single PDF file that is easy to share on multiple devices.

Adobe also offers storage and access to documents in the cloud, along with password protection and the ability to delete private information.

Adobe Acrobat

The simplest editor

Microsoft Word

Earlier versions of Microsoft Word were limited to saving a document in or out of the PDF format, and that was it. More recent versions, however, allow you to open a PDF file and then make specific edits in the piece as if it were a Word document. When you finish, you simply save it as a PDF file again.

It is a simple tool, and the format does not always align correctly depending on the PDF, but it is an excellent alternative if you need to quickly dive into a PDF to make basic text or editing changes.

In addition, it is a very easy method to use for employees and students without having to learn a new tool.


The best alternative to Adobe Acrobat

PDF Architect 7

The German company Pdfforge offers a unique purchase option when it comes to PDF editing software. PDF Architect is a modular program that is available as a free download or as part of three separate packages (Standard, Pro and Pro + OCR). Each package includes a set of modules for the program, which determines its editing power. These modules, ranging from Edit and Convert to Sign and Protect, are also available for individual purchases, in case you only need a select number of editing tools and don't want to spend too much.

Even the Pro + OCR package is available at a reasonable price; and the complete set of editing tools is one of the most complete and inclusive PDF editors that exist. The latest version of PDF Architect is PDF Architect 7 and subscriptions premium they include features such as the ability to insert pages and hyperlinks (Standard), 256-bit encryption (Professional) and the ability to scan documents and convert them into “editable” PDF (Pro + OCR). There is also a free (limited) version of PDF Architect 7.


The safest

iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft provides an optimized and feature-loaded PDF editor for Mac users, as well as for Windows users.

The standard version for Mac allows you to easily convert PDF files to Word, and comes with a series of basic editing tools to treat any PDF as if it were a word processor file.

Users can annotate PDF files quickly and edit the design of any document by adding, removing or flipping pages. Standard users can also complete PDF forms directly on their computer, without any printing or scanning.

The true power of iSkysoft, however, comes with the Pro package. For a reasonable fee, you can password protect PDF files, convert them to several different formats and edit PDF files using OCR technology, which ensures greater accuracy.

The Pro and Windows versions also allow users to add stamps and signatures, and OCR supports more than 20 languages. However, keep in mind that the Windows version requires an additional add-on if you are looking for OCR support.


The best free editor

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda is a web application designed to accelerate work and it does very well. It's very simple, it focuses on fast PDF signatures and offers only the basic text editing for the files it loads. But that's also why we like it.

It provides very clear instructions, it is difficult to spoil everything and, in addition, it is a fast editor. If your boss or co-worker does not really understand the technology or does not have the patience to download new applications, but you still need a PDF signature, this is one of the best options available.

It is also available for some mobile devices, both Android and iOS.


The best web application

PDF escape

PDF escape It is a web application accessible through your favorite browser. It does not require a prolonged installation process, and users can access the editor using any operating system that has an internet connection.

The service is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers.

But how does it work? Well, once you open a PDF document you can edit it within the interface, add text, delete previous content and add images. You can also digitally sign documents regardless of where you are.

Also, this editor allows you to rotate and zoom documents to achieve the desired viewing angle, using a large number of common support tools.

And it offers several annotation options and automatic filling capability.


* Updated by Luis Miguel Paredes on February 19, 2020.

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