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The Google Phone app will record calls even from third parties

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The call recording feature is highly demanded by many users. And it seems that Google wants to carry this function so that you can record any conversation from your phone app. If it is something new it is for a simple reason, this function has been linked to Google’s own service, but not for any call you enter.

Again from XDA Developers the code has been discovered that shows how this function would be available in the Google Phone app beta. Specifically, it is version 43.0.289191107, so it would not be a matter of time before we saw this function available from Google's own app.

In the code found in version 43.0.289191107 of the Telephone app we can find what it would be a new layout or interface, an icon and the resources that put the track on the call recording from the application. Even some lines of code point to a new button for the call interface that would allow audio recording at all times.

Google phone

This function is more than welcome to the Phone app, since it currently does not allow the recording of third party calls. What you need to know is that this function will not be activated in some countries, since not all allow the recording of conversations; In any case, there are many users looking for this function, so it would be a great tip for Google to bring it with them.

If you want to be up to date and be one of the first with this fully operational function, we recommend that you download the latest version from the Play Store or simply download the APK in the latest version. A interesting proposal from Google with its phone app and that will allow us to record important conversations.