We already have a presentation date of the Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy Fold 2

The Galaxy S11 feature a 108 MP sensor and one for night photos

Samsung Galaxy S11

In February 2020 the next Samsung high-end will arrive, with the Galaxy S11 in the lead. Although there are still a few months left, weeks ago there are many leaks on this range. Even the design of these phones is already known, so it seems that there will be few surprises. One aspect about which there is much speculation is its cameras.

Samsung will introduce major changes in the cameras of the Galaxy S11. Not only would the number of sensors used be expanded, but new sensors will also be used. The most important change is that they will use their own 108 MP sensor in this range, according to rumors.

Months ago Samsung's 108 MP sensor was introduced, which we have already seen in the Xiaomi Mi MIX ALPHA. It was not known when the first phone of the Korean giant would arrive using that sensor. New rumors indicate that it will be the Galaxy S11 who makes use of it officially.

Samsung Galaxy S11

In addition, it is commented that the firm would use a special sensor for night mode. The name so far of it it would be "Bright Night Sensor", which would be designed to improve night photos on the phone. It is not known if it will arrive on this phone, but the company recently registered said sensor.

So this Galaxy S11 would have the ability to take better photos at night, thanks to a special sensor for it. What seems clear is that Samsung is preparing to maximize the photographic experience in this range, with these new sensors. There would be a notable leap in quality.

Surely these weeks will be leaking more data on this Galaxy S11. The presentation would be in February, some already speak of February 18 as the date. On the range, it is speculated that there would be five models in total, thanks to the presence of its versions with 5G. So far, Samsung still says nothing.