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Get caught in the dungeons of Moonshades in the first person

Moonshades is a great arrival for gaming from a mobile by taking the witness left by the mythical Eye of the Beholder. A dungeon crawler or dungeon explorer in which we are basically guided by a series of movements already fixed in advance; that is, we don't have the freedom of other RPGs, but it doesn't matter.

Eye of the Beholder is the game par excellence in this class of RPGs and that perfectly gives the relief to Moonshades. A dungeon crawler RPG and for the best of our news is in Spanish. So get ready to immerse yourself in a subworld in which the stone, the humidity and those dark areas will be the protagonists of many adventures.

The first person view and the tension of the dungeons


We are facing a genre of role-playing games that has been very prolific and that even in the old Amiga and Atari They were already present. It is true that on a platform such as Android we have missed titles like the one presented by BaldrickSoft Games and that it is receiving very good reviews by thousands of players.


Now we want you to join your adventure too and get carried away through those underground stones, dreary spaces and that musty smell that arouse its walls. A title of those in which to give you all the time in the world to know the role, make decisions and venture through its galleries full of dungeons.

That is in Spanish allows us to move to his world from Spanish and thus improve the skills and statistics of our protagonist. Well, better than two, since there are two characters that we will control to have on the left side the abilities of one and on the right side those of the other.

Ingenious traps, corners and challenging missions


As in any role-playing game that boasts of being, the setting is more than important. This leads us to interesting combat mechanics, some puzzles to solve in order to move to the next level and a map in which we must know how to fish in the water to get out of the happy dungeon.


If we say that Moonshades is developed by a single person Surely it will surprise you, like the great Stardew Valley, it can be worth it to know that it is putting all its efforts to have a small masterpiece in our mobiles.

As in other dungeon games, the enemies are quite common and we will have those skeletons with swords or those larger ogres that impose more respect. For our part there are no shortage of spells of all kinds, both healing and combat, and those powerful skills for the use of weapons plus kitchens such as swords or axes.

A freemium game for which it is almost a duty to leave some coins


The one that is developed by a single person and that we can provide you with our coins, whether they are euros or others, it is almost imperative to do. We will have many objects to achieve and the knowledge that he will be developing it for long enough so that when we return to it in one or two years, we will see significant changes.

Technically It is very successful and it shows that everything is worked with care. The truth that surprised us to know that it is a single person who has done everything, so it is a work worthy of praise. The ambience created is magnificent, the animations of the enemies are also great and everything in general is a great average. Moonshades has the bases to become one of the best role-playing games and there are already many fans that it is receiving.

Moonshades you have it for free from the Play Store so that you join like this in a whole role-playing adventure with which to enjoy like neck and thus know in person what those mythical games were like the one mentioned in the title. Indispensable for fans of the genre.

Editor's opinion


  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating


  • Your setting created
  • Have dungeons to explore and get lost in them
  • The combat and the puzzles


  • The translation could be better

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Moonshades: an RPG dungeon explorer

Moonshades: an RPG dungeon explorer