Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery arrive this month and be available for Android and iOS

For some time now, augmented reality games have gained a lot of relevance since the release of Pokmon GO, later different versions of this game have been released, for example The walking dead, Ghostbuster world among others. Now one of the most successful franchises of all time has wanted to be part of this project, that's how we refer to Harry Potter with his gameWizards United, although on the waiting list we also have Hogwarts Mystery, an RPG that is very close to reaching our mobile devices.

Warner Bros confirmed the launch of this video game for mobile devices, this news made many users who love the universe created by J.L Rowling.

It seems that the gameplay is of an RPG style in which players must attend school, attend classes, learn to fight, control dark magic and meet all the characters who have been part of the Harry Potter stories and have achieved transcend popular culture and collective imagination.

The interesting thing about this game is that we will finally have the possibility of being the skin of a Hogwarts student to solve all the mysteries that encompass the school, that dark and bitter enclosure, but with magnificent magic stories that every child or adult would like to experience.

Now let's move on, a very important topic, will the game have any cost? The answer is no, the game is completely free, however the game has microtransactions to have some advantages or avoid waiting times, although it is somewhat annoying, a large part of games have now incorporated this payment system, So most of us see it as normal.

As soon as its release date this game will be available this April, April 25 to be exact, and be available for both Android and iOS.

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