Google Photos add a photo printing subscription

Google is testing in its application Google Photos a system of print subscription of some of the photos that we have done in the last 30 days and have been stored in the app of the North American company.

With this Google subscription system send 10 pictures every month to keep those printed memories.

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Although Google Photos initially uses artificial intelligence to choose the photos it will print, we can choose one of the three possible themes for these prints, giving us the ability to edit the photos before printing them.

These topics are:

  1. People and pets: Here you can relive the best moments with people and pets, printing the best photos every month.
  2. Main landscapes: You can print photos of the best landscapes, outdoor photos and urban landscapes, of the last 30 days.
  3. A bit of everything: In this option the best moments are mixed, both of landscapes, as of people or pets. Each month the 10 best photos will be printed automatically.

Image - Google Photos will add a photo printing subscription

This service is currently in test phase only in the United States. Those awarded with this test will get a banner to say You are invited to the monthly photographic printing test.

The cost of this new subscription, when it is working at 100%, will be $ 7.99 per month. The people who subscribe are going to get images printed on 4 x 6 inch matte white cardboard, with a 1/8 inch border.

This new subscription joins the softcover and hardcover photos, which Google began offering in 2017, the canvas prints of last year or the direct printing service at CVS or Walmart.

This type of subscription still It has no release date in Spain nor do we know whether to be an exclusive service for the United States, but the truth is that as an idea it is not bad, although it generates many doubts its price.

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