Fast charging at 100 W of Xiaomi: technical details

Xiaomi continues working on its Super Charge Turbo technology to make real the fast load at 100 W, which can carry a battery of 4,000 mAh 100% in just 17 minutes, according to the latest technical details provided.

The development of the load at 100 W is approaching its final phase, so Xiaomi believes that it could start producing compatible phones soon. It will be Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, the first to launch a smartphone that uses it.

Lu Weibing, the head of Redmi, has provided some new information. For example, when the load power rises to 100 W, loses about 20% of the battery's useful capacity if compared to the 30 W already usual today.

Therefore, to offer a 4,000 mAh battery must have 5,000 mAh real, at least if this aspect cannot be improved for the commercial launch.

Although the fast charging system is not finished yet, Xiaomi has already shared a video comparing it with current alternatives:

Weibing also stressed that they need the fast load at 100 W to be keep the useful life of the devices, so it seems clear that the durability of the battery is one of the factors in which it works.

In addition, they are also checking the compatibility of all mobile elements with the new standard. Although it has been a while, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries that exploded were a serious problem, and it would not be convenient for any brand to risk a similar incident.

Perhaps most surprising is that Xiaomi is considering the load at 100 W via cable and wireless, although it seems logical to think that it is first released using the cable, and later we will see a wireless adaptation.

Xiaomi's forecasts in the past spoke of the arrival of a Redmi mobile with 100 W load in early 2020, but for now we don't know more details. At the end of February, the MWC, the world's largest mobile technology fair, will be held, and we may receive more news.

In the meantime, Oppo It is the brand that bears the leadership of the fast charging with the Super VOOC system. We have carried out the review of Realme X2 Pro, which uses this technology to reach 100% battery in 35 minutes, but many manufacturers compete to improve this aspect of smartphones.

Of course, charging the mobile in just over 15 minutes will be a breakthrough, so we hope that 100 W Super Charge Turbo will not take long to finish. Meanwhile, the rumors of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro point to a load of more than 50 W, which is not a bad figure either.

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How about the load at 100 W? Achieve Xiaomi implement it without harming the health of the battery?