Estimate of why the cost of the Galaxy F

Estimate of why the cost of the Galaxy F

Of all the innovations in smartphones that will be presented for the next year, the most awaited one is that of the famous ones folding phones. Samsung is one of the companies that will be the pioneers in using this technology for a device in the market. We talked a little about the price that this team could have and that it won't be cheap that goes approximately until 1800 dollars.

The reason for the high cost could be a question that not so many are asked because it is normal due to the new technology implemented, but for those who do the Korean agency CGS-CIMB Research It has been responsible for estimating the production costs of the terminal compared to smartphones such as the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy S9 +. Details are broken down into the following invoice:

How expected the biggest change is on the screen having a difference even more than double compared to other equipment, but note that also there are higher costs in terms of cameras, processor and the mechanical / electromechanical section. All this for a final production cost of 636.7 dollars.

In Tecnocat's opinion, as I had already mentioned a little above, we will see these prices often in equipment that always implements new technologies. Production costs will start to fall as when you went through touch screens or color screens in the past, you just have to allow time to become more standardized in the market. With this I do not mean that they do not go and buy the Galaxy F, if you have the money do it with total freedom. On our part as soon as we leave we hope to have the review of it as soon as possible.

What do you think of these costs? Would you like to buy it? You know that we are reading in the comment box.