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Apple News + loses one of those responsible after a complicated start

Apple News +

Apple News + will not in a long time its first year of life, and does not seem to be meeting Apple's expectations. As we have been collecting in recent months, the subscription service, which allows access to many publications digitally with a single fee of $ 9.99 per month, has been a great disappointment for publishers. Convinced by Apple that the service will be a success, now see how it does not finish taking off in the markets where it is available.

For this precise reason, the Californian company is willing to make important changes to the platform, as was already the case with services such as Apple Music, which also had a somewhat complicated start. To start, it seems that they will have to bring a new business manager for the service, given that Liz Schimel, who has held that position since launch, has recently left the company according to Bloomberg information.

Of course, Apple is already looking for a substitute for Schimel, that before entering Apple to manage relations with advertisers and news providers, he held executive positions in companies such as Cond Nast. According to the same publication that reports his departure, those of Cupertino are looking for notable figures in the publishing world to work in the service. As in the case of Schimel, he will report to Peter Stern, in charge of Apple services.

Apple News +

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For now, Apple News + is still in a moment of uncertainty. Since its seemingly successful launch, when hundreds of thousands of people subscribed to the service in a few days, we have not heard news about its growth, far from the current number of subscribers. Hopefully the change in the directive can give Apple News + the approach it needs to become a new success for the company.