Samsung plans a flexible phone that becomes a watch

Samsung plans a flexible phone that becomes a watch

This will be a Samsung folding phone capable of becoming a smart watch

Let's Go Digital

Samsung plans to launch more folding devices in addition to Galaxy Fold, and here is one of the new possibilities.

The reliable Let's Go Digital site found a patent in the name of the South Korean firm that mentions an elongated smart phone (not square like the Galaxy Fold) that when folded or folded, can be used as a bracelet or smart watch on the user's face .

The site mentions that this folding phone will have different methods to ensure its flexibility and rigidity. Samsung will place some side locks so that when the phone is in the wrist as a clock, it does not move or loses hardness and can fall.

The big problem with this phone is not its flexibility or its ability to remain rigid, but its size. Smart watches (and bracelets) tend to have a very small size similar to that of a conventional watch, so Samsung will have to give reasons for users to surround their face with a screen or to bring such a large device.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung will be working on at least two folding phones different from the Galaxy Fold. The first of these phones mentioned by the agency, one that will be of the type clamshell or that it closed like the popular "tapita" phones more than ten years ago, will be launched before the end of this year.

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