Clash Royale

new arena, 4 cards and other news

Clash Royale receives the expected December update with a renewal of the game for Christmas. New arena, 4 new cards, new championships … Although you won't be able to enjoy them now.

Do not miss fun this Christmas, that dinners and family meals always have moments when you have to fight the drowsiness. There is no lack of games and applications to entertain, nor renew the most interesting titles. How Clash Royale, which receives the expected December update. If you are fond of this game of Supercell, you can now update.

4 new cards, new combat arena, Christmas championships …

Clash Royale

The list of news for this Clash Royale update on Android It is numerous. And it brings the expected soda that this massive multiplayer game deserves. Are you still with him to death? Christmas is no excuse to leave it, rather the opposite. Y Supercell he knows.

The new version of Clash Royale on Android, corresponding to 8.709.2, It is already operational in the Google Play Store. The list of changes is extensive as can be read on the Supercell website.

  • New championships added.
  • Epic cards and chests will cost less.
  • New Jungle Arena It will not be unlocked until January 13.
  • 4 new cards. Dart Goblin will also be released on January 13; with a new letter every two weeks later.
  • New championships for battles between friends, new music for the purchase of a legendary card, improved interface for game news …
  • Supercell has optimized the balance of some cards so that its use is more fair in the game.

The Clash Royale update is now available

You can now download this new update of Clash Royale from the Google Play Store. Although new features are introduced, the most popular (cards, new combat arena …) will be released on the dates indicated. In addition, and as usual, errors detected in the game are fixed and minor details are optimized.