Google Assistant no disponible en este idioma

Google Assistant not available in this language: so you can fix it

Google Assistant not available in this language

Do you have problems with Google Assistant? Google's Smart Assistant on Android and iOS phones can be very useful, but in many cases the compatibility and language problems make the experience much less than we expected. One of the most common problems when setting up Google Assistant for the first time is that you do not change the language correctly, and the message that says ÔÇťGoogle Assistant is not available in this language". So you can fix it.

You should keep in mind what is the language you want to select in the Google Assistant. While there are a large number of compatible languages, not all of them are available depending on the country. If you want to configure it in Spanish, either from Spain or Latin America, but a warning appears as Google Assistant is not available in this language, follow the steps.

First, check if there is any update available, since this could solve the problem. The Google Assistant is updated through Google Play or App Store. Therefore, go to your app store, and in the updates section check if there is any version of the Google app, or the Google Assistant, available to update. Install the new version and check if the bug has been fixed. On some models, the Google Assistant is also updated through the system software update. To check for versions, go to Settings> About phone> Software updates.

If the problem persists, follow these steps. What we will do is change the language to the native language of Google, and then select Spanish again. So the Wizard will recognize the new language and change the settings. To do this, we must open the Assistant. You can do it by pressing the start button. When the tab appears, click on the icon on the right hand side. Then, click on your account and tap on Settings. Go to the Assistant option and click on says Languages. Click where it says Spanish and exchange it to English in the United States.


Change the language on Android

Close Google Assistant and press the start button again to summon it again. Click on the icon on the right, then on your account and on the settings option. Go to the Assistants section and, in language, change from English to Spanish. The Assistant must recognize the new language. Try saying "Ok Google" or make a command by pressing and holding the start button.

If the problems continue, make sure that in your Android mobile you have selected the same Spanish that you have selected in your Google account. For example, if you have activated Spanish in Android, you should also activate it in the Assistant.

To change the language on an Android phone, go to Settings> System> Language and text entry> Language and region. Select the language and region. Remember to match the one you selected in Google Assistant.

Are you still with the same fault? If you want to continue using the Google Assistant, the last option is to reset your deviceor. This action remove all settings and data, such as images, apps accounts etc. Unless you have made a backup of your data.

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