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How to watch season 2 of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix with Diego Luna

At first, Netflix had thought that the fourth season of Narcos I was focused on drug trafficking in Mexico. However, in the end I decided to bet on this plot in a new complementary series: Narcos: Mexico.

If you lived with emotion the three seasons of Narcos, with agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pea as protagonists and keeping track of Pablo Escobar and other leaders of Colombian crteles, you will surely do it now with the new series, which is now going through the second season.

Narcos: Mexico explores the origin of modern drug trafficking in Mexico, focusing on the Guadalajara cartel that was led by Flix Gallardo (Diego Luna) in the 1980s. As main rival will have agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pea).

Read on to know from which day you can see the new chapters of the Narcos world, as well as know the best way to see them in streaming or on television. We include information regarding both Spain and Latin America.

When Narcos season 2 premieres: Mexico

The new season of the series Narcos: Mexico It finally opens this February 13, more than a year after the first season came out and four and a half years after the original series did.

The trailer published on January 6 already indicated that Diego Luna will be the protagonist again and now it is confirmed that Michael Pea does not return in the role of Kiki Camarena. The cast of the second season is completed with Scoot McNairy as narrator, Teresa Ruiz, Ed Heath, among others.

How to watch Narcos: Mexico on TV

The only way to see Narcos: Mexico By television for now it is using your Netflix account -which in Spain has a minimum cost of 7.99 per month- to connect to the application compatible with the app for smart TVs.

There is also the possibility of connect your computer O well connect your smartphone or tablet from which you can access the Netflix app or website to a television, which does not necessarily have to be Smart TV. The most common way is usually an HDMI cable.

How to watch Narcos: Mexico in streaming

The new series Narcos: Mexico is available in Netflix. If you already have an account, you can easily see it by accessing your app for computer or mobile devices or using its platform on-line on your website

If you cannot see the series for some reason, we recommend having a VPN network installed, which allows you to connect to a server and use an IP address located in a country where the program can be seen. In Spain, you should not have problems.

You also have the option to check if the fiction is available as of the opening day in some complement for Kodi as Exodus. From this multimedia center it will be easy to find a link to the chapters, although it is not of doubtful legality.

How to see Narcos: Mexico from Latin America

Initially Narcos: Mexico it will also have to be available in Latin American versions of Netflix from the date indicated above, although if it is not in your country, you should use a VPN as NordVPN or TunnelBear.

Similar to what happens with Netflix Espaa, there are ways to enjoy the series from a TV – using the Smart TV compatible app or connecting your laptop or mobile – as well as see chapters without internet connection.

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