Netflix Android

data saving and disable automatic playback

Netflix Android

Netflix is ​​the most important streaming and series platform with a larger user base. With millions of users using their services on both computers, tablets and mobiles, the logical thing would be to think that few complaints we could have of said platform, something quite far from reality by the way.

We do not mean that we like one type of series and movies more than another, after all that is a matter of taste – although the February premieres are quite interesting – but one of the most annoying functions that Netflix has: automatic playback.

Netflix listens to us: so you can remove automatic playback and also save data

As confirmed by the official Netflix account on Twitter, we can remove this horrible function and incidentally explains ** the steps to follow to disable the odious automatic playback):

  • Sign in Netflix in a web browser
  • To select Manage Profiles
  • To select the desired profile
  • Check or uncheck the boxes of Auto Play Controls

Although luckily this is not the only novelty that Netflix brings us. Because if we have an Android smartphone and we are one of those who use it at all times to devour our favorite series and movies, we are in luck. Netflix will allow us to save a few data of our rate from now on.

He explains it in his official blog and is that from now on Netflix for Android begins to use the codec AV1 that allows a 20% greater understanding when it comes to streaming content and therefore save data. To activate this option we just have to do the following within the Android app:

  • Settings
  • Data usage
  • Select save data

At the moment this useful option is only available for Android devices although Netflix has already stated that it is working to take it to other platforms. Finally notice that this AV1 codec not available in all titles of the Netflix catalog.