The best free music players for Windows

The best free music players for Windows

Although currently the services of streaming Of music they are very popular for the variety they offer, there are still many more traditional and faithful people who like to have their own record collection to manage it to their liking. And to those people we want to help. Below we show you what are the best free music players for Windows that you can find. The list that contains applications for the most demanding fans, as well as those listeners who prefer to use something simpler.

The best


MusicBee is an excellent choice for those who have huge collections of songs that need to be organized. You can import your existing iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries and name or label each file as you see fit. The Auto DJ function of the program allows you to synchronize with, and play similar artists or genres according to what you want to hear. You can also configure MusicBee to organize your favorite podcasts, audiobooks and radio stations.

With its 10 to 15 band equalizer options, cross-fade function and uninterrupted playback options, audio settings are abundant with MusicBee. It even has a visual touch in the form of a five-band spectrum display, which matches what you're listening to. It also has plug-ins available for additional customization.

It's not just for your computer. With MusicBee you can synchronize the content with your mobile devices, and the possibility of changing the theme colors is an unexpected surprise among other free software options. The software even supports 5.1 surround sound if you want to connect to a speaker and want the best possible result.

The rest

Foobar2000 has a remarkable history. As an open source music player project, it has managed to persist for years and remain not only usable, but also one of the best free Windows 10 players on the scene.

Do not let the basic interface trick you into thinking that this is not worth it. You can customize its appearance as you want and play from MP3s and WMA to Musepack, Speex and even rarer formats with the appropriate plug-ins. There are also extensive capabilities to tag content and full support for keyboard shortcuts, which makes Foobar an excellent software for managing lists of more complex audio files.

The program also includes options for seamless playback, ReplayGain, and audio extraction and conversion. In addition, all components and download options are readily available on the site, and the software continues to be updated until today.

Half monkeyMedia Monkey is similar to MusicBee, and has many of the same features. Although it lacks synchronization, Media Monkey is compatible with podcasts, audiobooks and can be configured to download your favorite podcasts.

It supports 100,000 files and types of playlists, while facilitating labeling and organization. The software is also quite intelligent; It can automatically identify tracks, synchronize or correct tags, and search for related information, which is great for tidying up some of those old music collections.

We are impressed with the tools that make it very easy to create playlists, or generate them automatically through Auto-DJ. Synchronization and recording capabilities are also excellent for beginner musicians. If you add to that the Party Mode, the viewer and the exported audio file reports, it is difficult to see why someone will pay for a music manager when Media Monkey exists.

AIMP 4The continuous updates of AIMP have resulted in an impressive and clean interface for music lovers. In addition to being compatible with a variety of formats, the software also includes Internet radio support, a sound engine with an 18-band equalizer, and smart playlist capabilities.

Do you need to convert formats? No problem, AIMP can handle that too, as well as provide editing options for all audio tags, and programming options to set schedules if you like listening to music for sleep or wake up. It also has a number of excellent user interface functions.

DopamineDopamine is a very simple music player that is designed to be easy to use; Just tell Dopamine where your music is and the application will take care of the rest. The download is fast, the configuration is simple and the updates are automatic. The interface is incredibly basic and intuitive, with large titles and obvious controls. You can also change the tone of the theme to any color that helps you find songs more easily at a glance, but the default dark mode does a great job if you're not sure what to choose. All simplicity is excellent, but keep in mind that this player cannot do much with metadata or find the missing illustrations, so it works best with more complete collections.

Groove musicGroove had a somewhat difficult launch as an unhealthy attempt to replace Windows Media Player, but increased support over time has transformed this simple and intuitive music application into software that is worth taking into account. It supports downloads on up to four devices and can synchronize music between Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox, delivering music virtually wherever you want to listen to it.

If you keep most of your music on OneDrive or on your Windows computer, then Groove is worth considering.