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Overdrive is a musical casual dressed by the aesthetics of the 80s


OverDrive is primarily a casual rhythm game in which we have to drive a car from left to right to pass over the control points and allow them to sing those catchy rhythms.

A game that takes us to the eighties with a more than perfect aesthetic so that our sports pass through the city while it moves in unison. And it will be such that, since even the buildings will move to the sound of our played music.

Give OverDrive 2 minutes


OverDrive in the first few seconds may seem soft and a little bland, but if we follow the rhythms and move our car from left to right to reach two minutes, you will realize that it has a good touch in what is the rhythm so that all the screen elements almost “dance "

If you're not able to spend those two minutes, give up, since it's not a game for you. If you pass them, then you are going to have a time in which the neon lights, the streets with their sounds and those buildings that almost seem to be part of a speaker are going to compose a whole melody itself.

We are in a casual game in which the gasoline It is everything to go further. You will encounter all kinds of obstacles and you can practically progress without many problems. Let's say what matters is music.

The catchy music of this casual with a lot of rhythm


Overdrive is a really musical game in which every turn of our sports car will mean in a change of note so that the melody is linked and that in many moments we find ourselves humming the catchy music of this title.


It is really at that moment where is the gameplay and objective from the creators of this game. Because otherwise it is not that it has much, but it is really up to us to link notes to have very striking visual moments with all those neon lights.

It is true that the hardest thing is getting as we go, and we even have more circuits, but it is an easy game in which you don't have to break your head a lot to enjoy it. And it is just another of his best punctures so that we put on the headphones and enjoy your casual experience without more thought than this.

Avoid the obstacles of the road


At least we are leaving to find more cars and obstacles that will complicate the game, apart from taking gasoline at all times and trying to get as far as possible. To do this we must avoid all these obstacles at all costs and so our sports car can go quickly and at all pace at the end of the circuit.

Visually it is quite attractive for everything the ochontero theme with those neon lights and the truth that the environment, although very scarce in architectural elements, does lend itself to a good experience. There is not much else to say other than a catchy and well chosen music for a casual musical game such as this Overdrive. And it is not going to be a game of those to remember, but it does achieve its goal of achieving in certain moments that scent of video games of the 80s like that great Out Run was, although with its differences more than visible.

Overdrive comes as a casual more of those music that lends itself to being played and that you have it for free from the Play Store. If you are a nostalgic of those screens of recreational machines, the music of the 80s and a casual with a lot of rhythm, a game more than recommended and thus start well this year 2020. We leave you with VOEZ, a musical game with other ways and that has a lot of quality

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