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Microsoft Launcher preview available with its new version 6.0

Microsoft Launcher

The version 6.0 of Microsoft Launcher has been released with own page and with two new features that will attract the attention of many users: dark mode and landscape mode. In this way Microsoft has wanted to celebrate the fact of already having a previous preview with its page to identify itself from now on and start adding downloads, scores and more.

Apart from these two main novelties, we also have some improvements in some important areas of this launcher which seeks the attention of the user to replace the one he is using. We talk about a series of new features in the interface and more features that we will discuss below.

The Surface Duo home experience on your mobile


Having the previous means that anyone can install Microsoft Launcher and try a little of what will be the experience of the home of Surface Duo, one of the new folding phones from Microsoft and that looks like it will eat the world when it is launched.

That is, that you are going to have with this launcher the possibility of knowing the home experience of that phone and knowing some of its best features. We talk about new icons, widgets, a landscape mode and the activity area renovation, app list, dock and the search interface. Which gives us more information about what that Surface Duo experience is.

Another point that Microsoft has been working on is improving the performance of your launcher And it should be noted if you have tried previous versions of this app launcher. Microsoft warns that we are facing a preview and that it has many bugs, so do not complicate ourselves if we need our mobile for professional use, because you can find an experience that is not pleasant for the most part.

This is version 6.0 of Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher version 6

But even so with the warning, the truth is that version 6.0 of Microsoft Launcher It quite meets expectations and takes a first look at what the Surface Duo experience is. At least if you plan to get one of your next folding phones, trying this app will allow you to get closer to the experience.

An experience that is characterized by a gesture from the left to pass before the activity area to what has been Google's own launcher. In the home we have everything we are used to and the truth is that we do not find something different. Yes it is true that it has its own design language for widgets such as Google, but otherwise it is as if we felt at home.

Of course, you have the option of be able to transfer the launcher desktop by default, so you only have to give permissions to the different widgets you had activated. It is in the list of apps where we see more differences, but nothing that we have not happened at some point. We have on the right side of the list of apps the alphabet to quickly access a letter and thus pass before that app.

The gesture up to launch the app drawer and so we will be facing the experience of Microsoft Launcher, but that does not depart from many others we know. The truth is that it is difficult to replace the one of One UI when it is handled perfectly and there are not many differences in performance.

Microsoft Launcher can be an alternative when we are on other phones and let's look for something of higher quality and an improved premium experience. As a previous moment it is going very well, although we remind you that there may be bugs that blur the user experience. The thing is that you try it and keep updating the versions until the end of this launcher that promises and that will be the official Surface Duo of the Microsoft company.

Microsoft Launcher Preview

Microsoft Launcher Preview