iPhone 11 Pro will emit twice the allowed radiation

Mobile radiation is a fact, now a study shows that the iPhone 11 Pro will emit a radiation that corresponds to double of what mobile phones must have in order to be equipped with the FCC certification.

Mobile phones such as most devices that integrate antennas and emit radiation, now, all the phones that pass through our hands are subjected to radiation controls and they have to have a very low level to be safe in our day.

FCC certification It is the most common certification because, although it does not come screen printed on the back of the terminals, this is usually shown in the settings and in some cases in the mobile boxes.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the current flagship of Cupertino's firm, although A study commissioned by Penumbra Brands will demonstrate that it will breach the radiation limit and could far exceed the radiation limit allowed in a mobile, assuming a risk to our health.

While it is true that, seeing the graphic of the study, we could put our hands to the head we must know that the study has been commissioned by a company which is dedicated to the manufacture of covers and that coincidentally, They have a case which will reduce the radiation of the iPhone.

Image - iPhone 11 Pro would emit twice the allowed radiation

It is not the first time something similar happens, since With the arrival of the iPhone 7, some studies also showed that its radiation rate was high. Given this, Apple itself sent its terminals again for the FCC to consider if this was true and finally it was not.

According to the study, the radiation has been measured about 5 cm from the body of a mannequin and shows that when we carry it in our pocket, the risk will be even greater, although we should not worry because we all Mobile phones cannot exceed a certain radiation rate which is not harmful to our health.

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What do you think of the study? Do you have an iPhone 11 Pro?