Apple vs. Samsung: what will be the wireless headphones of the year?

Apple vs. Samsung: what will be the wireless headphones of the year?

Apple vs. Samsung It's hard to think of two bigger rivals in the world of mobile devices, and that includes the growing world of wireless headphones. In 2019, the battle was between the second generation of Apple AirPods and the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which, despite their lower popularity, were undoubtedly our favorites above the old Apple Pods (not to be confused with the new and more expensive AirPods Pro).

This year, Samsung is about to officially sell its own second-generation product, the Galaxy Buds +. Although not yet available, we had the opportunity to get to know them closely at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, and in this way we can make a face-to-face comparison between both proposals. Standard AirPods may be against headphones true wireless Samsung's newest? Thus they are compared by numbers.


Some Galaxy Buds headphones. Apple vs. Samsung: what will be the headphones of the year?John Velasco / Digital Trends

The base price of the AirPods is $ 159 dollars. Sometimes they are on sale in stores like Amazon and you can buy them for less, but that does not usually happen frequently, as with most Apple products. That price is for the version without wireless charging. If you want a wireless charging case the price goes up to $ 199 dollars.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds + start at $ 150 dollars; about $ 20 dollars more than the Galaxy Buds. Whereas the Buds + will probably include a wireless charging case, just like their predecessors, they will be the undisputed leader in terms of price.

Winner: Galaxy Buds +

Sound quality

Apple vs. AirPods Samsung: what will be the headphones of the year?

This category is always complicated, even when you've heard both products. But it is impossible to know for sure when a product has not even gone on the market. Even so, we have some pretty promising clues. For starters, we already know that, for us, the Galaxy Buds sound better than the AirPods. Since Apple has done nothing to improve the AirPods in this area, it is hard to imagine that the next Galaxy Buds will not win this category again.

Something that strengthens this theory is that the Galaxy Buds + offer AKG sound and include dual dynamic controllers, one acting as tweeter and the other of woofer. Current Galaxy Buds (and AirPods) only have unique dynamic controllers. In our experience with headphone controllers, two are usually better than one.

Obviously, none of this is conclusive, and we won't declare a winner until we try out the Galaxy Buds +, but we're pretty sure where things are going.

Winner: determined


Samsung Galaxy Buds Apple vs. Samsung: what will be the headphones of the year?John Velasco / Digital Trends

Apple AirPods have long been not the best headphones true wirelessin terms of battery (if they ever were), although its five hours of reproduction once helped set the standard in the genre. However, that increases to an impressive 24 hours of total time away from the plug with the support of the charger case. Many other wireless headphones over these figures, and although it is not the case with the Galaxy Buds +, these have improved greatly.

It is said that the headphones will have 11 hours of playback time before they need a recharge. That number exceeds even the Powerbeats Pro and the Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus, which offer 9 and 10 impressive hours of playback, respectively. In addition, it is said that they offer 7.5 hours of talk time, which also leaves AirPods behind, and, according to Samsung, when they are 0 percent, with only three minutes of charging you will get an entire hour of playback.

The case of the Galaxy Buds + only has room for a full recharge (strange decision, in our opinion), so technically the AirPods still have a certain advantage in their total playing time. However, for most people, what matters is how much you can use them without having to return them to the case, and the Galaxy Buds + win that race by many kilometers.

Winner: Galaxy Buds +


Some Galaxy Buds in its case. Apple vs. Samsung: what will be the headphones of the year?John Velasco / Digital Trends

Despite having provided the AirPods Pro with IPX4 water resistance, Apple never gave the AirPods pro an official water resistance rating. That has not prevented people from using them in the gym or for running, but the point is that normal Apple AirPods are much more susceptible to water damage than most headphones in their class.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not consider it necessary to raise the IP protection of its Galaxy Buds +, offering only an IPX2 level against splashes. Even so, IPX2 is better than nothing, so, who do you think wins this round?