What Android apps work well on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and what doesn't

What Android apps work well on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and what doesn't

Be the next January 24 when Huawei starts selling the Mate 30 Pro in our country, so the first questions that have arisen around this launch are you can install all my apps and games on the Mate 30 ?, how to download applications if Doesn't it come with the Play Store? Well, do not worry, because next we will explain how to transfer the apps of your current phone to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

How to pass applications from a
phone to another?

The fastest and easiest way to pass all the applications you use in your current phone to the Mate 30 Pro is through Phone Clone, an app developed by Huawei that is already installed by default in the company's phones, so if You already have a Huawei device, it is much easier to carry out the process, if not, then just download the application for free from the Play Store.

Before continuing
with the process it is advisable to update all the applications of your current
phone for the transfer of the last version available at
The Play Store

Once you download Phone Clone you must accept the data usage and storage permissions on the device to be able to transfer them to the Mate 30 Pro. Open the same application on the Mate 30 Pro and press on This is the new phone, while on your device current debers select This is the previous phone.

Now, scan the
QR code that comes on the Mate 30 Pro screen and selects the data that
you want to pass, which in this case we are interested in doing with applications, but
you can pass your contacts, photos, files and other data of your current

Once the transfer process is finished you will be able to see all the applications of your old telephone in the Mate 30 Pro, because what this function does is copy and paste the installation files from one device to another.

This will be the final design of the Huawei P40

The most popular apps of the
Do they currently work well on the Mate 30 Pro?

Now the moment of truth has arrived, knowing how the most popular Android applications work today in the last Huawei phone, because we must not forget that the Mate 30 does not come with the Google Play Services, so the applications that require these services to function, will present problems. Fortunately there are some alternatives that we can use to try to solve these problems.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

Surprisingly Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger work very well in the Mate 30 Pro since we can open articles, upload stories, watch videos on Facebook Watch or IGTV, share our location, post without problems and interact with other users without any inconvenience.

But in the case of
WhatsApp there is a detail, because although we can start session and chat
with our contacts as normal. The problem is that the copy of
security cannot be used in the Mate 30 Pro because we do not have the services of
Google, so the only solution is to pass the local backup of
our old phone to the new Mate 30, and then use an administrator of
Files to restore it. The steps to perform this process can be found here.

As Facebook does not use Google services by default for location and maps, both Messenger and WhatsApp allow you to send the location to our contacts in real time and with accuracy.

The only problem of
these four applications is that they are not available in the App Gallery, which is
the official Huawei app store and that comes by default in the Mate
30 Pro, so to install updates we will have to try stores
alternatives or with the APK.

Google Maps and Gmail

I hope Google
Maps is not the application you like most of your phone, because this is
inoperable in the Mate 30 Pro, and the bad thing is that other alternatives very
interesting like CityMapper don't work either because they use Google Play

However, for maps you can use the alternatives of Facebook, Waze, or download Here WeGo from Nokia, which, while not at the level of Google Maps, at least will get you out of trouble.

With Gmail it happens
exactly the same as Google Maps, the application cannot be used without
Google services, but you can use the web version and add access
directly to your home screen, or use another email client such as
Outlook and then add to this service your Gmail account to receive your