The 5 best Yik Yak alternative applications you should review

The 5 best Yik Yak alternative applications you should review

Yik Yak: The famous anime chat application between campuses around the world officially closed recently, as the school year comes to an end. The application, once valued at $ 400 million, has been acquired at $ 1 million, and is effectively killing the application, and the surrounding social network. So, if you have been a vivid Yik Yak user and are looking for other applications that can meet your live chat needs, here are 5 best alternative applications of Yik Yak you should check:

1. Jodel

Probably the closest to Yik Yak in functionality and features, Jodel is one of the best applications that compete for the position of Yik Yak in the phone of the university student. The application comes with an ordered interface and offers functions of publication and comments, in the same way that Yik Yak did. The application requires your location (obviously), and shows Jodels (that's what posts in the application call) from their location. When you publish new Jodels, or comment on existing ones, you get Karma points.

The Jodels are classified in three tabs, "Most recent", "Most commented" and "Noisy". The newest Jodels are organized at the time they were published, the most commented are organized according to the amount of comments they have, and the strongest Jodels are organized according to their general rating in the application. The application is completely free and is quite popular in the App Store and the Play Store.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

2. Whisper

Whisper has existed alongside Yik Yak for quite some time, and although it is quite similar to Yik Yak, its user base is made up of people of different age groups. Whisper has features like making anonymous publications and comment on other people's posts. The application divides Whispers (as the publications in Whisper are called) in different categories by popularity, location, etc. There is also a search tab, so you can search for Whispers that contain specific phrases and connect with like-minded people.

Whisper also support groups, so you can create groups for your university and have a more similar experience to Yik Yak. To keep the content at a level user moderated, the application uses ratings for users, so that users can decide whether or not they want to chat with an anonymous person, depending on the rating that other people have granted them. The application proves that it is better to deal with harassment and abuse, and you can always block users if necessary.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

3. sincere

Candid is another great Yik Yak alternative that you can review. The application comes with an elegant design and displays publications on cards with curved corners, such as the way iOS 10 treats widgets and notifications . The application classifies publications into "New", "Hot", "Community" and "Close" . The names are explained by themselves and, usually, find the most relevant things in "Near" and "Community" (if you have added your school, university or workplace to the application).

The application also support groups, to which you can join in accordance with your interests and share your opinions animate. If you don't see the type of group you like, there is always the option to create a group yourself and then make people join him. Candid also supports messages, so you can chat with people that interest you or with people who share the same thoughts as you. The application requests a phone number and access to Facebook, but you can easily skip it and you should do it if you want to remain anonymous.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

4. after school

After School is a chat application strictly for students only in which you can be animate if you wish, or you can make people know your identity, if that is what you want. The application begins by asking users to choose their school and class year. Then duty log in with Facebook to verify which, in fact, goes to the school that I chose in the application. This is amazing because prevents unwanted people from stalking in groups and take out all the fun.