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Instagram allow citing answers

Instagram works on an improvement for DM or direct messages, which will make possible reply to a message citing the original, so that it is clearer to what we are answering, especially in conversations with many participants.

Direct is not the most used section of Instagram, and is usually in the background against Stories or timeline publications. Despite this, messenger functions on Instagram are becoming more complete, and message quotes will be very well received.

In fact, WhatsApp has been able to quote messages in groups for a long time, so that we can choose the phrase to which we will answer, and thus appears mentioned about the message we write.

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Thanks to this, very long conversations and with several participants become more orderly, as it is indicated unequivocally to what we refer to, even if the original message is long ago, and the rest of the members of the chat have forgotten it.

Now the DM of Instagram add the same possibility, which seems to be called "Reply", although before the launch it could be modified to "Quote" (quote). This is how you see this feature when it is launched:

Image - Instagram will allow you to quote in the answers

The novelty has been discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, who develops WA Tweaker, an app to unlock hidden features of WhatsApp beta. The option to quote is already in the Instagram code, although it cannot be used until it is enabled.

It is a useful novelty, which expand the capabilities of the messenger on Instagram, especially in group chats. For now, we don't know when to launch, and may even be discarded if it does not convince developers, but it is doubtful that they change their mind about a function already widespread in other apps.

Instagram development continues to progress, and the DM conversation enhancements They are grateful, even though Facebook (the owner of Instagram) offers WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with the same goals.

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What do you think Instagram allows you to quote DM messages? Do you serve to respond in a more orderly manner in group conversations?