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How to get the most out of your Android tablet for cooking


How to get the most out of your Android tablet for cooking

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August 24, 2015

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One of the really advantageous issues of mobile devices, whatever their OS, is that of portability and functionality in almost any context we can imagine. It's no longer just that a smartphone or a tablet They are excellent partners outside the home, capable of providing different solutions at unexpected times, but also within the home itself they play important roles in any daily task.

Unlike a desktop PC or laptop, the tablet is comfortable in virtually any circumstance. For example to take her to the bathroom, to see something lying on the sofa or even to use it before sleeping (without warming our legs and being able to change posture as the body asks us). However, one of the best utilities for many users has resulted from putting their tablet in the kitchen and use it as another instrument when preparing dishes.

It is true that there are somewhat intuitive issues when it comes to using a tablet while cooking, for example, it is common to reproduce some of music or read recipes taken from the internet on the screen. However, we find other virtues that a tablet can display in such context. We will review some of the most significant.

Measure cooking or oven times

There are certain types of recipes that need long periods in the fire or in the oven. Normally, all Android devices usually include a watch app, with a stopwatch and pre-installed alarm, however, there is an application capable of giving us greater precision and efficiency when playing with the times.

Kitchen Timer

Kitchen Timer

This tool we will avoid work Censer setting a specific time on the tablet, or we can even easily add minutes to the programming, without having to walk touching the screen too much. It is an app specifically designed for kitchen And you can see it.

Measurement converter

There are people with special provision for culinary practiceHowever, the vast majority of us need to know precise amounts to carry out a recipe successfully. "A jet" of oil is not the same as a tablespoon of oil and there may be the key to making a certain dish perfect or greasy.

Unit converter

Unit converter

Simple Unit Converter