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Back to the past, so you can have the classic iOS icons on your iPhone with iOS 13

iPhone 11 ios 6 icons

In 2013, Apple introduced the most important change that iOS has had in its history, a change that still sets the design guidelines for Apple's mobile operating system. That year the company launched iOS 7, a full face wash, both visually and interface level, of the iPhone operating system.

Until that time, Apple had used the scheumorphism, a design technique in which the object represented graphically maintains the structure and shape of the original object. That is to say, the Notes app looks like a real note, the Calendar app to a contacts calendar and the Books app to a shelf.

With iOS 7 everything changed to a much flatter and simpler design, in which applications and icons did not necessarily have to represent a real object. However, it is possible that cOver the years many users miss this more classic iOS design, and now there is a very simple way to have it on your iPhone with iOS 13.

iOS classic icons

How to have the classic iOS icons on your iPhone.

To be able tener these classic iOS icons on your new iPhone that are 100% functional We must have a little patience, since you have to create them one by one. But the first thing you should do is make sure you have the application Shortcuts installed on your iPhone.

Now we just have to create a new shortcut to open an application, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Shortcuts app and click on the "+" from top right.
  • Click on Add action.
  • In the search bar type “Open app” and click on this action.
  • Now click on Select and choose one of the system apps, for example Settings.
  • Click on Next and name the same as the app.


Now enter this link and download the classic iOS icons of the apps you want to replace and save them on your iPhone. You can also download them from here if it doesn't work. Once you have them saved, follow the steps below:

  • Open the app again Shortcuts.
  • Locate the shortcut you created before and click on the 3 points.
  • Once inside the shortcut press again on the 3 points from top right.
  • Now click on Add to home screen.
  • Click on down icon and in Select photo.
  • Choose the icon image that you have downloaded
  • Click on Add.


The icon is already available on the home screen of your iPhone and be 100% functional, when you click on it, the app you have chosen will open. You can create as many icons as you want, and iOS originals can be stored in a folder so they don't bother you and thus have the original iOS icons on your iPhone in 2020.