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All ways to erase "Other" data in iOS 13 and get more storage space

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The internal storage of the iPhone has been increasing over the years, however it is very common for many users to run out of internal space as they go installing applications, games, taking pictures and recording videos.

If you go to Settings> General> iPhone or iPad storage, you can see in a graph the apps and services that are occupying more storage space and you will probably be surprised by the large percentage that occupies the category “Other” or “Other”.

What exactly in "Others"?

Apple claims that this data titled "Other" consists of device settings, Siri voices, system data and cached files. Regarding the system configuration files little can be done, Apple does not allow deletion, however cache files can allow us to free up space of storage on the iPhone if we delete them.

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So what exactly are those "cach files" that appear as others? Well, it's all about the files that apps use or save. The more applications we have and the more time has passed, the more data will be stored in the "Other" category.

How to reduce the space occupied by “Others” on the iPhone

Decreasing the space occupied by this category is directly related to the apps that store more data, so music applications such as Apple Music or Spotify and social media applications are the main candidates.

If you have several songs downloaded on Apple Music or Spotify, the space that these songs occupy is stored in “Others”. Since Settings> General> iPhone or iPad storage you can see the apps that occupy more space, if you use Apple Music, you can enter and delete songs directly from this section, the more you eliminate, the more space you free of "Other." In the case and Spotify, or other services, you should delete the songs from the application. You can do the same with the Podcast app, from here you can delete downloaded podcasts.

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But without a doubt the applications that save more data on our devices are those of social networks, and the fastest and easiest way to delete all the data they save is by deleting them from the iPhone and reinstalling them. In the specific case of WhatsApp, also we can go chat by chat deleting the files, such as photos or videos, that no longer interest us.

Another way to delete all data in the "Other" category is to restore the iPhone or delete all data from Settings> General> Reset> Clear content and settings, but in this case our device will remain as recently left factory, although if we now install the applications from scratch the data stored in “Others” will have been erased.

If you want to gain space, another way that Apple offers us is to eliminate the apps that we use the least, it is an option that appears in Settings> General> iPhone or iPad storage> Remove unused apps, with which we can save a few GB of data.