5 tricks to win at Pico Tanks

5 tricks to win at Pico Tanks

Tricks to win Pico Tanks

If you have already downloaded and tried the best alternative to Brawl Stars in the Play Store for Android, then surely you need some tricks or tips to help you win more games. If you came here looking for exactly that You are in luck! Here we are going to review the 5 best tricks to win at Pico Tanks.

5 tricks for Pico Tanks that you can't miss

Before showing you the respective tricks and tips, We recommend you play at least 10 or 20 games. When you play several games, you will be able to know what we are talking about next, since applying these tricks without knowing the game mechanics will not make any sense.

Do not forget to hide!

Hide from the enemies Pico Tanks

Everybody the maps that have been designed in Pico Tanks have covers that allow players to hide, temporarily, of the other players. These hiding places, which can be shrubs, trees or small balls (as seen in the image) make the tank in question disappear from the screen.

When disappearing from the screen, as long as it doesn't fire, the other players won't be able to see where your tank is. What he does is mislead opponents, because they won't know where to attack them from.

From here We recommend you go through these hiding places to attack your enemies from behind. Of course, do not shoot while hidden, because you reveal your position in a matter of seconds.

Attack holding the firing button

Attack holding the Pico Tanks trigger button

There are many players who decide to press the firing button constantly, something that, while not bad, does not help at all when facing other players.

Holding the trigger button, your tank draw a transparent line that allows you to see where the bullet is going in question. With this information on your mobile screen, you can calculate the direction of the shot while moving.

Being a real-time strategy game, moving is extremely important, so it is recommended to move at all times. Thanks to the path that is made when holding the firing button, you can move smoothly and calculate where you want the bullet to go when shooting.

Use the skill whenever you can

Use Pico Tanks skill

Forgetting the ability of your tank has no forgiveness. If a game like this, that is strategy, gives you a skill that you can use every so often, it is important that you do so.

No matter what skill you have chosen to battle against other enemies, what matters is that you use it every time it is available. By always activating it, you can win clashes and even games. Of course, do not activate it when you face 3 enemies at the same time, because in that case it is a waste to use it (nobody can win a battle against 3 tanks at the same time).

Never get away from healing kits

Healing Kits Pico Tanks

No matter how well the game goes, or if the opponents are not good at all, it is never convenient to get away from healing kits that appear along the map.