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How to use TikTok and get the most out of it

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms lately. The video application for mobile devices has been able to create a massive community of creators and viewers worldwide.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2018 TikTok was one of the most downloaded applications on the entire planet, both for iOS and Android.

Now, you have downloaded the app and you don't know where to start. Or, your sons and daughters use it continuously and you want to know what the famous app is about. If you are facing one of these two situations you are interested in staying in this article.

Here is a guide so you can understand TikTok and get started in one of the most popular applications around the world.

Download the TikTok app

Before you start the first thing you will have to do (obviously) is to download the application and create an account. Both steps are completely free.

Go to the App Store or to Google Play (depending on if you have an iPhone or a smartphone Android) and download the application. Start the app and click on the Create account button.

Once you have installed and created your account, it will appear on the main TikTok screen, where the last video uploaded will start playing. To pause it, simply touch once on the main screen.

The interface will be familiar if you are already used to using other types of social networks such as Instagram. At the bottom you see the navigation buttons on a horizontal line: Start, Trends, +, Inbox and me.

In addition, on the right side there are a series of icons:

  • The first one will allow you subscribe to the account of the creator or creator of the video that is currently playing.
  • Underneath, the heart icon to obviously give it I like on video
  • Then the button for comment on video
  • Then the one that allows you share.
  • The last icon will take you to the music which is playing on the video and other videos recorded with the same song.

The last button is more important than it seems since many TikTok videos are based on challenges or hashtags They are based on a song.

To browse the videos of others and other users simply swipe up or down. If you slide to the left you see the profile of the person who has uploaded the video (the same as if you touch on the first icon in the list on the right side).

If you tap on the trend icon, see different collections of popular videos grouped in hashtags. Of course, you also have the search bar at the top with which you can find accounts, videos or hashtags specific.

In the inbox will appear the messages you receive from others and other users, while the button I will take you to your personal account, where you can change your avatar, check your status and see which videos you have saved as favorites.

The last icon we want to mention is the one with the shape of a + symbol. As you can intuit, this icon is the one that allows you to upload your own content to TikTok. And this is where we enter the second part of this guide. Keep reading!

How to make videos for TikTok

Creating a video for TikTok is an easy and simple task, although it may take a little longer to get all the video editing tools. However, it is all a matter of practice, so get to work!

It is important to keep in mind that undoing something that you have edited is more difficult when you have added another edition, so make sure that each section is to your liking before moving on to the next one.

The main thing is that the video only records when the red button is being pressed, so if you want to change or combine several scenes simply press and release the red button between them to avoid recording the transitions.

The zoom to zoom in and out is done by sliding the red button to the top of the screen (to zoom in), and then down (to zoom out). Remember above all to keep it pressed at all times if you want to capture the action.

On the main screen you see a series of available options, including the setting below the recording button for a recording time of 60 or 15 seconds. There is also a playback speed option, which can help you if you want to make comedy videos with accelerated or slow motion action.

There are also settings to go around the camera, timers so you can get into position, filters and some other useful effects.

To add music, which can be done before or after the material has been captured, press the option Add a sound on the main screen and follow the different options. Each one can be seen before the selection, so when you find the one you want, touch the red button that you see to the right of your name.

Now you can touch the Crop button at the top of the page and move the song using the slider at the bottom of the screen until you find the place where it best fits the video. When you are satisfied with the alignment, tap Save.

Back on the main screen, touch the Effects icon and you can add some filters to improve your video. Vers that the effects are encompassed in categories: popular, special, face filters, beauty, backgrounds, etc.

Each of these effects can be applied to the video either by touching and holding them or by touching the corresponding icon. The difference is the duration of the effect.

Some effects allow you to set a custom duration by pressing and holding the button until you are satisfied, while the transition effects only last for a specific time so you will have to touch the button when you want the effect to appear.

You can also add subtitles to your video by touching the Text option. You can write the words you want to use, change the font, background, alignment and color.

When you are satisfied, touch Done, then touch the text to open another editing window where you can move it anywhere on the screen, change its size and angle, and if you touch the clock icon in the upper right part of the text box you can Decide when it is shown and for how long.

How to publish and share your TikTok video

Now, you have finished putting the finishing touches on your video and it has been so good that you want the whole world to see it. It's time to learn to publish and share it on TikTok.

On the edit screen you have been using, you will see the Next option in the lower right. Tap on this option and go to the post screen. Here you can enter hashtags (Good idea if you want people to find it and have TikTok include it in the Discovery collections) in addition to the names of any friends you think enjoy your creative efforts.

TikTok gives you the option to disable comments, set who can watch the video, in addition to a much more mysterious option for Do / Reaction. These are videos that include your original material but in which other users may have a recording image of themselves reacting to what you have created (React) or a split screen on which they film themselves along with your video. For your first efforts, it is probably best to disable this, at least until you are sure of what you are doing.

And now, to become a TikTok star!

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