How to share installed applications easily and via Bluetooth

How to share applications installed easily and by Bluetooth

Installing applications from Google Play does not involve complication, nor access apps in Apk format, both from services and Uptodown or looking for them on the Internet (something we do not recommend). But what if a friend wants the applications you have installed and at that moment he has no connection or does not want to spend his mobile data? There is a very simple solution: share applications via Bluetooth.

It is easy, universal, does not require complicating life … Although yes, the Bluetooth connection established between mobile phones it's a bit slow, so it will take a while to share applications with a certain weight. But it is very practical, especially if you use an application like the one we propose: Bluetooth App Sender APK Share.

Send applications via Bluetooth, a universal way to share your apps

How to share installed applications easily and via Bluetooth

Android does not allow sharing applications by default, so you will always need an application that specializes in the task. There are many, but we have chosen Bluetooth App Sender APK Share because it does not ask for strange permits and offers advertising in a limited way and within the application. In addition, it has many more functions than what we are looking for, share via Bluetooth.

Once the process is installed it is very simple: you can share applications in seconds. You do not need the person to whom you send the apps to have Bluetooth App Sender installed since at all times you send the Apk from your mobile. Just remember that Bluetooth is slow.

  • Open Bluetooth App Sender APK Share on your mobile.
  • Click on the apps section and choose the ones you want to share.
  • Click on «Send APK»And select Bluetooth.
  • Choose the friend you want to send the applications to. He must activate his Bluetooth connection and leave the phone uncovered so you can find and send the files.
  • Once you have selected your friend's mobile, the selected applications will be sent in Apk.
  • Your friend will only have to install the Apks when he receives them (he needs to activate the unknown sources).
  • Don't know where the files have been? Simply use a file manager: Android saves what is received by Bluetooth in a folder with the same name that is located in storage.

Bluetooth App Sender APK Share allows you to share all the applications you have installed, both free and paid. And whoever receives them needs nothing more than activate their Bluetooth connection. Easy, what if?