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How to remove the data roaming warning in Xiaomi

How to remove the data roaming warning in Xiaomi

Therefore, when we meet in a foreign country and activate data roaming appear an icon in the coverage area, in the notification bar. Even, sometimes, that annoying icon appears being in the country itself, in rural areas or in areas close to Portugal or France, as well as in some virtual operators. To deactivate the data roaming icon in a Xiaomi terminal we must do the following.

To disable the data roaming icon we must go to the settings of your Xiaomi phone and enter ‘SIM cards and mobile networks’. In this screen we will enter ‘Data roaming / Allow data roaming‘ Here we can choose between always having it activated, adding exceptions to applications (applications that cannot use such roaming) or never having it activated.

data roaming 02

Remember that to have data roaming you should call your operator and activate it below. This tutorial is only for when you are in your own country and the data roaming icon appears. It will be preferable to place it in ‘never’ since we would be within the national territory and nothing will happen if we deactivate it, but when we are within a country of the European Union it is better to leave it in ‘Always’ even if the icon appears.

Once we have activated data roaming in our operator, we can activate or deactivate it from our own mobile. As you have seen, it is not possible to deactivate only the roaming symbol It is associated with whether or not we have data roaming.

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