Angry Birds Blast, Rovio's Candy Crush clone

Angry Birds Blast, the new game is a Candy Crush clone

The most famous birds on mobile devices return to a new adventure, this time in the form of a Candy Crush clone. Angry Birds Blast is the new game that we can download for free in the Google Play Store.

If there is something we can not put in the face of Rovio developers is that they do not insist on their ideas. We have seen the protagonists of Angry Birds in almost any possible situation. They have already had more adaptations almost than Sonic himself.

But there are never too many, they have had to think about their headquarters, so they have removed one very similar to Candy Crush and other similar games, Angry Birds Blast.

Angry Birds Blast, Rovio's Candy Crush clone

Angry Birds Blast, destroy balls of the same color, does it sound like you?

The way to play Angry Birds Blast is simple. You will show us a box with a multitude of balloons of different colors. We can click on them and whenever there are two or more of the same color they will explode freeing the birds inside.

In the upper left we have the goals to achieve in each phase, having to release the protagonists of the saga from those balloons.

For this we will have a limited amount of movements, which will be shown in the upper central part of the screen. If we do not reach the objectives marked with that number of movements we will have failed in our attempt to move forward.

Angry Birds Blast, Rovio's Candy Crush clone

A road with different phases

The development of the game is organized on a path through which we will move forward as we solve the different screens that appear.

We will be able to play the previous screens again if for example we want to achieve the three stars in each one to obtain different enhancers in the game.

We will have up to 250 levels that will surely increase with future updates and if we do not want to lose the progress of one device to another we can link our account with Facebook or Google Play Games.

Angry Birds Blast, Rovio's Candy Crush clone

Bombs, rockets and more enhancers

These enhancers will be in different ways. For example, if we blow up five balloons of the same color, a rocket will appear which, when pressed, eliminates a row horizontally or vertically depending on the position in which it is displayed.

If, on the contrary, we press on seven equal balloons, a bomb will appear that will allow us to clean a rectangular aria of the phase by touching it.

This game is free and includes purchases within the application and although it has nothing especially innovative with other proposals such as Candy Crush itself is fun and we invite you to try it.