With this speaker, you can sing and talk to Alexa while you shower

With this speaker, you can sing and talk to Alexa while you shower

If you are one of those who like to sing while taking the bath, you would like to know that you will no longer have to do it alone, but that you can do duets with Alexa. Within the framework of CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the manufacturer of household products Kohler present two smart speakers for its Moxie shower head.

Koheler shower head

The BT Speaker models and the AI ​​Speaker – this last Alexa compatible – slide through a cone-shaped opening in the Moxie shower head, which is surrounded by the nozzles through which water flows.

The speakers, which have the seal of audio equipment manufacturer Harman Kardon, are designed to compensate for the white noise that is generated when the shower is running. In addition, they remain in place thanks to a magnetic coupling system and has IPX67 water resistance certification.

Both models have touch control buttons, which allow you to make adjustments while you are bathing.

The BT Speaker version offers a maximum playback time of five to seven hours, if you use it at 70 percent volume. Meanwhile, the Alexa-compatible model has a performance of up to five hours at the same level. Either way, both include a wireless charging base.

Almost as if it were an Echo …

Koheler shower head

The Alexa-compatible speaker is configured and managed with the Kohler Konnect mobile application. When you have linked the speaker with Alexa, you can use it the same way you would with an Echo or Echo Dot device.

This way, you can use the traditional Alexa voice commands to ask about news, weather, sports results or even to chat or use any other skills you have downloaded. You can also control smart devices in your home that are compatible.

However, the Kohler speaker with artificial intelligence features be prepared to play your favorite songs while you are taking a shower, a task that the Echo Dot is not able to perform.

Unlike the Alexa-compatible model, the BT speaker connects via Bluetooth with a separate mobile application that allows you to manage modes and settings.

Availability and values

The speakers will be available in the course of 2020. When the marking is launched, the artificial intelligence speaker will sell for $ 159 dollars individually or $ 229 dollars with the Moxie shower head. Meanwhile, the BT Speaker will have a value of $ 99 dollars or $ 159 dollars if you buy it with Moxie.

Best of all, you can not only use it in the shower, so if you are seduced by the idea of ​​having a smart speaker with the back of Harmon Kardon, you can use any of the models such as mobile speakers with a base that is included .

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