Así puedes convertirte en un mercadólogo líder de opinión desde LinkedIn

So you can become a leading opinion marketer from LinkedIn

So you can become a leading opinion marketer from LinkedIn

  • Being an opinion leader has benefits such as achieving greater credibility and trust.

  • From LinkedIn there is an 8-step process that can help you achieve it.

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Becoming an opinion leader is not an easy task, however it is a task that many professionals seek to achieve thanks to the benefits that it can bring, for example, Social Media Today emphasizes that with a title like this you gain credibility and trust and opportunities to Good public relations. For marketing professionals looking for this goal, one way to achieve it can be with the help of a social network like LinkedIn. Here we will see how to do it.

To become an opinion leader as a marketer, the following steps are taken from HubSpot to meet this goal from a social platform such as LinkedIn:

  • Optimize your profile so people can find you

As a starting point to start becoming an opinion leader from LinkedIn, it is necessary to optimize the profile. The reason behind this is that you should start appearing in search results related to your skills or in feeds of individuals from your same industry.

Aspects such as the title in the profile header area and a description that uses keywords are a good starting point to make it easier for people to find your profile. However, it is also necessary to place the details in the experience and education section. Although being an opinion leader here is more linked to the subject of the contents that are published, these areas serve as evidence that everything is credible.

Ideally, you should place your duties, victories and links to each project within each experience if it is possible, as a mixture between a portfolio and a CV.

  • Use skills, recommendations and endorsements to validate your experience

When the point comes when people read your insights or shared data, or consume your content as an opinion leader, they may want to make sure that you are really an expert in your area before taking the advice you provide. In this case, although the skills, endorsements and recommendations are not precisely linked to the creation of opinion leader content, these elements will help people make sure they take your opinions more seriously.

In case you have not noticed, on LinkedIn there is a section where you can put your skills (Skills) and validations. Filling this space is key to highlight the strengths you have as well as the expertise while continuing to optimize your profile for the results of searches related to your industry.

Particularly, the validations of former colleagues can be of great help to validate all the skills you claim to have. Validations and visible recommendations appear on your profile and give more confidence to those who see you.

  • Connect with other experts

As a third point, it is necessary that you seek to connect with colleagues and other experts to gain greater presence as an opinion leader. Achieving this will allow you to have a network and increase the number of connections in your industry, while you can follow what these individuals do and learn from their insights as well.

If you don't have so many followers, you shouldn't be alarmed, you just need to spend a lot of time a day to network with others on the platform. If you don't know how to develop in networking, consider some of the contents of our site that talk about this practice. Here one of them:

  • Use groups and conversations to interact with your followers

Within LinkedIn there are communities called groups, this feature allows professionals to create and manage pages about specific topics. In groups, you can see all kinds of people, from newbies asking questions, to professionals sharing tips. When an interesting topic or publication arises in one of these spaces, it is expected that people join the discussion and generate conversations about it.

Communicating in these groups and joining the conversations or creating your own publications in the same space (related to the industry), can be of great help to find people who may be interested in what you think and want to become your followers.

Take on the task of looking for related and relevant groups based on what you do to start driving yourself more consistently as an opinion leader through connections and opinions on the issues.

  • Post updates on your achievements or share insights related to your brand or industry

Speaking of making publications, in this social network you have an excellent space to talk about professional achievements, the audience is partly there to see this. When you share an achievement of your career or an insight of a project, the community you have formed can be on the lookout and see how credible everything you do and say is.

In this way it will also be possible for them to see how you grow as an expert in the area.