Ya puedes descargar los stickers de forma individual en WhatsApp

How can I make my own WhatsApp stickers?

You can now download the stickers individually on WhatsApp

Stickers are one of the best features that WhatsApp has added in recent years. These stickers bring a fun touch to your conversations, in addition to staff. And, in addition to being able to download dozens of complete sticker packages, you can create stickers with your own images and photos to use in your chats.

While we wait for WhatsApp to add the animated stickers on which it already works, we will focus on the stickers that are already available on the platform to teach you to create them with the photos and images that you have in your mobile's gallery. Before we get on with it, let's review the applications available to create stickers With Android devices.

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3 free apps for Android to create your own stickers and use them on WhatsApp

Stickers on WhatsApp

Sticker Maker

To create your own WhatsApp sticker packages you can use WhatsApp Sticker, a free application for Android. This app has good tools to design stickers, such as the smart clipping or the possibility of adding a colored frame. In addition, you can share your packages with friends through WhatsApp and other social networks. Sticker Maker is the app that we have chosen to carry out the tutorial on creating stickers below.


Another of the good options to create stickers for WhatsApp is Wemoji, also free in the Play Store. As outstanding details of this tool, we must mention that it has a large library of text sources and that saves the clippings of images that you have already made to reuse them in future stickers.


Finally, the last free application that we propose is Sticker.ly, which also serves to create stickers with great ease. On this occasion, in addition to designing your own stickers and sharing them with other users, you can download the thousands of packages available in the app for free.

How to make your own WhatsApp stickers step by step

As we mentioned earlier, we have opted for the Sticker Maker app to explain how you can make your own Stickers on WhatsApp. However, there are others many applications in the Play Store with the same functions and processes to create stickers with the photos and images that you have in your mobile's gallery.

Step by step, we explain how you can create your own stickers and add them to WhatsApp to use in your conversations:

1- Download and open the sticker creation app for WhatsApp. In our case it is Sticker Maker.

2- Tap on Create a new sticker pack.

3- A window will open to name and author the package of stickers that you are going to create. Once you have entered both fields, click on Create.

4- On the main screen of the app, the package you just created appears. Click on it to start adding your designs custom.

5- As you see, your package is empty. In Sticker Maker, you can create an icon, It appears first and that is the sticker that give image to the package.