Facebook partners with Reuters to do fact checking on the platform

Facebook partners with Reuters to do fact checking on the platform

A strong commitment to erase any doubts about their impartiality in electoral times wants to clear Facebook. Therefore, the company hired the services of the media company Reuters, so that the specialists do an exercise of fact checking, detection of deep fakes and propagation of any false news.

From Reuters they confirmed the alliance through a publication on their site, through Jess April, director of the company's global associations.

We are firmly recognizing the magnitude of the misinformation that takes place worldwide. It is a growing problem that affects society on a daily basis and it is the responsibility of news organizations and platforms to stop the spread of false news. Reuters has a superior track record in sourcing, verifying and eliminating user-generated content for distribution to thousands of customers worldwide and we are better able to use our internal experience to verify the content of social networks. ” , Held.

For his part, Keren Goldshlager of Facebook Integrity Partnerships also referred to this agreement, which will be implemented in English and Spanish for the specific US elections.

Expanding our fact-finding program is an important part of our work to combat misinformation. We are delighted that Reuters joins our American association and we know that we will benefit deeply from their experience in visual verification and user-generated content. ” comment.

For the fact-finding program, they will have a specialized team in Washington DC and also two journalists working in Mexico City.

Reuters also commented on an association program that was already signed in advance with Facebook to help journalists with fake news.

“More recently, Reuters partnered with Facebook Journalism Project to develop an e-learning course to help newsrooms around the world identify and reject manipulated videos, images and audio, available in four languages, including English, French, Spanish and Arabic, ”they commented.

Hazel Baker, global news director of UGC of Reuters, spoke with TechCrunch and also referred to the political announcements that Facebook announced that it will keep short of elections.

We won't comment on that Facebook policy, that depends on them in the last instance, he said.

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