Eye of Prophecy

Eye of Prophecy is a monochromatic roguelike in which to vitiate

Eye of Prophecy is a new dungeon crawler with an obvious single color touch in the design and that is characterized by giving you the option of being able to save your improvement points to resurrect with more force.

Almost like the phoenix, the idea of ​​this dungeon crawler is to use death as strength for our progress. That is, if they even kill us on our journey, the saved points will allow us to use them to improve some of the statistics of the protagonist of this new Android game.

Dressing in mono color

Eye of the Prophecy

A green tone to remember those Amstrad era screens in which the pixels were a tonal scale from the darkest to the lightest. From here all these levels are generated to remind us of the great Pixel Dungeon, although with some evidence in what is called roguelike.

Dying will mean being able to use all the improvement points that we have been collecting in our walk through those dungeons where we will find treasures and those enemies that will try to make things difficult for us.

It is important that you pounce towards the enemy to take the first blow, since it will give you enough advantage to be victorious. If this is not the case, you will be able to take two hits, when with one it may not be enough for you to beat those warriors who will fight with their spears.

Improvements in Eye of Prophecy

Eye of the Prophecy

Eye of Prophecy allows us to improve four aspects of our fighter. These are strength, power, speed and fortune. They explain themselves and allow us to strengthen the defense of the protagonist, its damage as it happens with power, speed to move very fast through those dungeons and fortune so that the percentage of luck increases every time we have to try luck with those chests to open.

Eye of the Prophecy

Those improvements are achieved with points or coins that can be acquired in the dungeons, either through the chests or the coins that we find for them. It is important that each level is complete and we do not leave anything to collect, since they will allow us to progress properly and thus face the difficulties that await us.

In total in Eye of Prophecy we have 24 levels and 3 epic battles with final bosses. You can understand that the levels will increase in difficulty quickly, so we recommend you do not leave any opportunity to make yourself with coins and fortune.

A rogue like to like and in Spanish

Eye of the Prophecy

It will be that green tone that brings some nostalgia, or the background story, with that eternal struggle between chaos and order, but Eye of Prophecy has certain points that get us hooked. The progress of the character in order to assign the points that we understand that we can better come to our combat style, is another of its attractions and that will allow us to take the necessary time so that our progress is adequate.

Technically it is a game well worked and in which we like its design in general. The gameplay is not in turns, but we must move quickly so that the enemy does not throw on us, which makes us have enough intensity in the games. We highlight that ambience created and that leads us to chaos and order at all times. A game that could happen to be one of those that triumphed in the 90s, but we have it now in this 2020.

Eye of Prophecy takes us to a rogue like with a lot of dungen crawler, although limited by its 24 levels. We are going to have to be a bit brave to find the perfect balance of our protagonist to be able to advance to those that at first seem few levels, so we recommend that you take your time and try to strengthen part of the 4 aspects of the character. A freemium game with its store and in which there are improvements to advance faster, although you will not need to finish the game. We leave you with another great dungeon crawler of another caliber: Moonshades.