Con esta app podrás grabar con varias cámaras a la vez en tu iPhone

With this app you can record with several cameras at once on your iPhone

With this app you can record with several cameras at once on your iPhone

FilMiC, an developer of apps related to video recording, has recently added this application to the App Store. It’s called DoubleTake and you can download it for free. You can do it here.

Once downloaded, you should allow it to access the camera and audio recording; essential requirements to use the app. Then, the main screen appears, which already shows a preview of the angular camera. In the four songs we find different options. On the one hand, an icon of an SD card. If we press ah we will access the images captured with this app. In the other song is the option to use the split screen. Since this function only works when we activate more than one camera, it is hidden until we select the two lenses with which to record. On the other side is the video recording button. Finally, the option of the objective, which allows us to select with which cameras we want to record.

If we press the three or four lenses of our device will open. This depends on the model:

  • iPhone Xr: angular camera and selfie
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Max: angular, telephoto and selfie camera
  • iPhone 11: angular camera, ultra wide angle camera, selfie camera
  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: angular camera, ultra wide angle camera, telephoto camera, selfie camera

Record video with two cameras at the same time on your iPhone

Regrettably, we can only use two cameras simultaneously. That does not matter the combination. For example, you can choose to use ultra wide angle and selfie. Or the telephoto and angular. The selected ones will appear with a yellow box.

In the camera selection screen you can also adjust the SPF from 24 to 30. If you want a more fluid movement, press on the option until 30 fps appear. The red button takes us to the App Store to purchase the paid version, which offers more features. The image selection button also appears. That is, if we want an image to appear on top of another or on a split screen.


Split-screen option / picture-in-picture option.

Once you have selected the cameras, click on the ‘Confirm’ button to appear on the side. Now, to record video you just have to click on the white button in the upper area. Since there is no time limit, you can stop it whenever you want.

The video will be saved in the app’s gallery. You can access it from the SD card icon. If you want to save it in your iPhone’s gallery, click on the selection icon, click on the video and finally, select the reel save option. If this is the first time, you will need to grant permissions. Then you can watch the video in the gallery and share it on social networks.

This is the result:

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