WhatsApp Pay arrive in Spain to pay with the mobile

One of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp arrive in Spain very soon. We refer to the payment service WhatsApp Pay, which is expected to land in our country during some time this year to make payments with the smartphone.

The truth is that we have already known WhatsApp Pay for more than 1 year, but the launch plans for Spain They were still unknown until now. It has taken a long time and alternatives have emerged as popular today as the well-known Bizum.

However, this payment service between individuals of small amounts of money will soon have to live with WhatsApp Pay, according to WABetaInfo, this service may be available in Spain very soon, although without a specific date.

Although its exact operation is not known, it is most likely very similar to Bizum and allow small payments between different users without any commission, which will surely make it very popular in a short time after its launch.

We must clarify that WhatsApp Pay only allow payments to be made through service users, that is, we can choose someone from our contact list and select a certain amount of money (surely have a limit) to send.

Apart from that, we could pay in shops with WhatsApp Pay as long as our smartphone had NFC. That means that this functionality will also work as a kind of purse where to accumulate money To pay whenever we want.

At the time there was talk of the possibility of use QR codes to validate payments, but for now there is no more news about it. In any case, banks will surely reach agreements with WhatsApp to offer this possibility through WhatsApp Pay.

We know very little information about WhatsApp Pay and less than its official launch in Spain, but it is certain that every time that date is closer and allow users to easily pay by having a WhatsApp account, which is sure to be one of the most popular services.

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