This will be the 7 cameras of the most advanced Huawei P40 Pro

This will be the 7 cameras of the most advanced Huawei P40 Pro

In recent days, information has leaked that reveals what the design of the Huawei P40, where the simplest model aims to have a configuration of 3 rear cameras and a front, while the Pro model will arrive with 4 rear sensors and 2 cameras on the front.

However, a new Evan Blass filtration shows us that the company will have a higher version than the P40 Pro, which will have 7 cameras in total (5 rear and 2 front), or at least the filtered image shows.

What will each of the cameras do
of the most advanced P40?

Unfortunately Evan
Blass does not share the specific details of each sensor, but there are others
rumors about the type of sensors that this model will have, which is mentioned
to be built in ceramic, just like the S10 +, so maybe this
Phone is the answer to the newly filtered Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is the best
Samsung phone series S.

In fact, it is said
that this model apparently be the 5G version of the P40 Pro, hence that
of the new network technology also have an additional camera, because
Manufacturers usually add some extra features to the
5G models of their most recent releases.

According to various rumors, the camera configuration of the P40 Pro 5G will be as follows:

  • Main sensor of 52 MP, f / 1.3 designed for night photography.
  • 10x periscope zoom.
  • Ultra wide angle
  • Macro sensor
  • ToF sensor
  • 32 MP front camera
  • Second ultra wide angle front camera.

As we mentioned, there are few details about the sensors, but if the configuration is as the rumors point, then we will talk about one of the most versatile phones in regards to photography, in addition to also seeing some of the most interesting functions of the Mate 30, like video recording at 7680 fps.

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