Curved iMac futuro

This spectacular video shows how the glass iMac that Apple has patented will be

Curved iMac future

A few days ago we told you that Apple had patented a new Crystal iMac incorporating a keyboard and a trackpad at the base. A simply spectacular design that, why not, Apple could use in the not too distant future.

The iMac has been improving its design over the years, however for at least 10 years the design remains constant. This crystal iMac will undoubtedly be spectacular and now thanks to a video concept of LetsGoDigital We can get an idea of ​​how this possible future Apple computer will look. It is not the first time they show Apple designs, the last time they brought us a design of the possible iPhone 12 Pro this year.

An iMac with spectacular design

What is most surprising about this design is undoubtedly its shape with a curved glass forward in which the keyboard and trackpad are incorporated. Although as indicated in the Apple patent, this material does not have to be glass, any other transparent and transparent material may be used.

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Without a doubt this is a patent that we would not mind if it were fulfilled, Apple patents hundreds of things every year that don't end up becoming anything specific, but I hope this spectacular design ends up being real. It is true that the inability to move the keyboard will subtract points in terms of ergonomics, but it is also true that it will be something with a simple solution: not to include the keyboard inserted in this area.

This patent may be cataloged within that group of "Crazy Apple patents" in which, for example, we have other devices that transform an iPhone and an iPad into a MacBook. However the iMac needs a redesign this could be a very good solution to give it a new unique style.